Tuesday, 1 November 2016

BFG Book of the week

The BFG, I totally forgot to add this one to the book of the week list at the time we did it.

What a fantastic book, when we did this book we attended a library book group and this was one of the books on the list.

After reading the book aloud to each other and at home, we then watched the film in a group.

For some added fun someone made some home made 'frobscottle', how to make it can be found here or anywhere else if you look on google or you could even make a recipe of your own.

We also took this opportunity to talk about manners and the subject of 'farting' but also covered some biology and found out why we do fart and why it is essential that we do this rather unpleasant thing in the first place.

We watched this great video on why people fart!. There lots of videos on farting explaining the science of farting for lots of different ages.

 There are some great BFG lesson plans and ideas on the Roald Dahl website  and even more if you investigate google.

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