Nerdy Bits of useless knowledge

It's surprising how much useless information I pick up on a daily basis, some are actually useful to know and actually teach us something and some just make great party trick knowledge, so as I come across them I will post them here and share, if you have anything you think would fit in nicely here, then don't be shy share them with me and I will include them on the list.

  • How to multiply two numbers together.

  • How to Speak Jamaican.

  • How chickens make eggs....

  •   If you have leather such as leather chairs in your lounge, leather shoes, coats or belts don't waist huge amounts of money on leather cleaning kits, just use Saddle Soap available from any equestrian shop, it's cheap as chips and does  fantastic job of cleaning your leather, to read about saddle soap go here
  • How Wax Crayons are made and the history of wax crayons
  • Star Wars has historical context

  •  An interesting look at why 15th century Treviso algorithm for multiplication is less taxing on working memory than traditional multiplication.

  • How to multiply you r 6, 7, 8, & 9 times table on your hands

  • Catherine Impey was a British Quaker activist against racial discrimination. She founded Britain's first anti-racist journal, Anti-Caste, in March 1888 and edited it until its last edition in 1895. More can be read about here here

  • How to improve your eyesight naturally using Yoga

  • A dentist invented candy floss!

  • The Lords of Westminster under Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas for approximately 11 years.

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