Monday, 16 July 2018

From Daughter to Woman By Kim McCabe

Whilst browsing I came across a post by a lady named Faye Rogers who is an Online Freelance PR. The book that Faye is currently promoting is entitled:- From Daughter to Woman: Parenting girls safely through their teens by author Kim McCabe. The books release date is 18th July 2018.

The book title From Daughter to Woman intrigued me so I googled Kim McCabe to find out more. To my delight Kim is a home educator with 3 children of her own. Immediately I wanted to know more.

Kim is also the founder of Rites For Girls. The organisation provides mentoring to girls and their mothers throughout their adolescent years. 

Kim's has a 31 year career span working with young people. This puts her well placed to give guidance and support to adolescents and their parents. Kim McCabe studied child psychology at Cambridge University. She also worked as a counsellor to young people, and taught sex education in schools and youth groups.

The demographic of From Daughter to Woman are mothers of daughters aged 8-18 or indeed any female relative or someone working in a personal way with pre-teens and teenage girls. 

Having my own 9 year old fast approaching her teenage years, I figured it would be an informative read.

My eldest girl is 30 this year and parenting her through her teenage years was not my proudest moment. It was a difficult time. My dreams of a fluffy parent and child relationship emerged as an ongoing nightmare. A disaster resulting in years of continued estrangement.

An experience I do not wish to repeat with my youngest. Finding resources to help me be a better parent for my 9 year old is an essential long term goal for me.

I agree with some of the reviews already out there for this book and it has been said before that we all hope for that ultimate parenting handbook. One that will give us all the definitive answers to parenting. That ultimate guide book that we can open at any given chapter, pulling out the perfect answer and as we all know that no such book exists. But as others have said if it did exist, Daughter to Woman would be part of that ultimate parenting handbook.  

From Daughter to Woman is not a book about what to do if your teenager runs into serious difficulties, it has been designed in a way to help make sure those difficult moments do not happen to her. 

Kim states on her website:- the aim of the book is to make the adolescent’s journey just that bit safer, kinder, and better supported — so parents and teens can enjoy the teenage years more.

Kim talks a lot about quality time spent with your daughter and how that one to one special time can make all the difference to your daughter telling you her worries and sharing those practical matters such as puberty and navigating  staying connected to your daughter even though they may be more independent from you.

Kim's tips from managing moods and understanding why girls love to hate their mothers makes the journey in to teen-hood seem a little less daunting. The way she gives real life examples and case studies, some quite extreme examples makes you feel less alone on this journey. The real life experiences within the book helps you take a good look at yourself as a parent and encourages you to change your parenting style to help your relationship with your child and more importantly helps your child navigate the world they are about to be flung into.  

One fabulous little tip I loved was that when the dreaded 1st period day comes you can celebrate this with your daughter by buying her a hot water bottle. I thought this was a simple but lovely touch that I would never have thought of without Kims book.

Kims talks about so much in this book from navigating social media, managing relationships and friendships, puberty, managing moods and so much more.

The book is one you can read with your daughter and this is what I find so special about this book, even the book can be a shared experience between you and your young one.

I love the way the book is set out so that you can easily find any given section that you need to explore more, the book helps and guides you literally what to do in situations you may find difficult or even just a way to make the experience better for you both with some wonderful tried and tested methods.

I am so happy that I discovered this book and it is one I will keep coming back to time and time again.

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*Disclaimer - I was not paid any remuneration for this review although I did receive a review copy of the book and I will NOT receive any commission from any future sales, the opinions I express in this post are purely my own and formed by my own research leading me to form my own informed opinion.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Black History Flashcards Update!.

I still have some Black History cards going spare if anyone wants a pack... 

If you have no idea what I am on about please the see last post about them here

The £20 Offer is only open to home educators, if anyone wants a pack that is not a home educator they can still buy them from my website at £29 for both volumes, if they are an education setting I am happy to offer a volume discount..

Please email me for the password only if you are a home educator to Buy them direct from this link below!...

if you are a non home educator please go to the link below to make your purchase!.

If you are a school group or education facility then please go to the link below for discounted prices!.

If you think you would like to sell the cards yourself and make yourself some extra cash then please email me and I will send you the password for the dropship section so you can make your purchase and I will send them direct to your buyer!....

(please feel free to pass on to other home ed groups)


Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Reap What You Sow!.

It looks like another facebook avoidance session is coming on again for me.

I have only been back on there a week or so and I am regretting it already, the amount of times I have facepalmed in the last few days has left me with a red mark on my eyebrow. .

The world of facebook is such an ugly place. 

I was surprised with this weeks events and all the amount of  Russian propaganda flying around, claims of videos claiming to prove this and that. All clear propaganda created by clickbait youtube owners, dubious memes and fake websites.

You can place fact in front of some people and you can hit them over the head with it but they will still choose to ignore it, they prefer propaganda over fact any day.

They are not the type of people that go to source their information from credible and original sources. Instead they prefer some anonymous Youtube video from 2012 or dubious propaganda fake news site making outrageous claims from a right wing or Russian propaganda factory or badly spelled memes to make their ill informed decision about the direction their country is heading.

Thank god I can switch these people of with a handy block button.

You can clearly tell it is local election time again as the crazy ramblings are ridiculous.

The amount of brainwashing that is going on in this country is frightening to see but our Government will reap what they sow if they fail to provide a proper education and the poor dumb idiots will get all that they deserve for not climbing out of their ignorance!..

Thursday, 12 April 2018

British Youth Councils!.

My best friends son has just been invited to the Royal Wedding. How very exciting!...

He is Chairman of the Hereford City Youth Council and is achieving amazing things at such a young age. 

As home educators it reminded me what a fabulous opportunity The Youth Council organisations gives to our youth to have a voice and help shape their future.

So I have put together a list of our local Youth Council Groups.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Black History Flash Cards

I have come across a fabulous set of Black History Flash Cards produced by a company called Urban Intellectuals.

The Flash Cards are of fantastic quality and the information contained in them is a fantastic starting point to finding out more about Black History.

I am so happy to have found these cards, what a fabulous educational tool for the twins and me.

The cost is reasonable at around £17.99 for the two packs, Volume 1 and Volume 2 plus shipping. 

Of course shipping bumps up the price for me having to have them imported from USA to the UK and it works out at £38, so I have invited a number of other UK based Home Educators to share in the cost and reduce the price for all of us by having a bulk load sent over.

If you want to find out more about these cards pop on over to Urban Intellectuals (here) and maybe buy yourself a pack if you are USA Based or if you are UK based and would like a pack or more if you are a teacher, just give me a quick message on the contact form and we can sort something out and I can include you in my bulk order.


So far in just one day I have 50+ pre-orders so I will be closing this down soon.. Please feel free to add any bulk order of your own to mine if you think you could sell them on yourself, they are a great resource!..

I will be making no profit of my own on these I just want a pack and wont be repeating this bulk buy in:- (please feel free to share with family and friends)....


I now have so many orders for these packs that I can offer these at a great price of approximately £10 + (£2.49) tracked postage for the two volumes, so jump on now before I close this down!.


Fantastic the cards are on their way!...

I am so grateful to everyone who has enabled me to get a set of these cards at a price I can afford, thank you all so much !..

The cards should take 7-14 days to arrive depending on customs so I await in anticipation.

I took the liberty to order a few extra sets which I will put on ebay at £29+ postage so if anyone wants a set when they see yours they will be able to still purchase themselves a set.

Its all excitement now waiting for them to get to my door!...

*Further Update

Ok so the orders have got silly!... I have had to increase my order with the supplier and I am getting lost with all the pre-orders so I have come up with a solution.

I have added them to my website and anyone who now wants a pack can make an order over there:-

*Last and final update to this post

Please see next post here

Beachcombing for Shark and Sting Ray Eggs!


Another home ed mum came up with the idea of hunting for sting ray and shark eggs as she is currently doing the Great Shark Hunt Project which can be found here.

The Great Shark Hunt Project is an initiative to provide the Shark Trust with crucial information about the distribution of British sharks, skates and rays.

We found a lot of shark and ray eggs and we also found some other great stuff too.

Besides the bottles and plastic that we found and collected up to ensure it went in the bin instead of back in the sea.

and besides strange things stuck in the middle of nowhere. (If you know what this is please do tell)

We also found a fabulous fossil of a seal humerus.

Some Whelk eggs

and of course a small collection of shells.

And of course what we went there for the Shark Eggs

and Ray eggs

We rounded off the day with a trip to the local museum which is currently housing the Egyptian Collection that once belonged to a Mrs Goodison and not seen for 40 years until 2015. A very impressive collection.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Firing Clay Models!..

The kids have started on their Firing Clay models at the monthly creative club club they go to.

Their depictions of the sea and bedrock fits in nicely with our trip to Southport beach tomorrow where we will be hunting for shark and stingray egg cases..

Next week once the models have been fired they will be ready for painting:-


Sunday, 8 April 2018

Youth Volunteer Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for the twins to experience some volunteering in Greater Manchester when they come of age. This will give them a taste of the working environment along with providing them with a good way to showcase their learned skills for their CV amongst many other things like fun and friendships. 

There are some conditions that can limit opportunities for under 16's due to legal limitations but opportunities are available if those conditions are met. Some of those conditions include:-
  • Children under the age of 15 are allowed to volunteer for 2 hours per day on a school day and 12 hours per week during school term. On a non-school a day they are allowed to volunteer 5 hours per day and 25 hours a week during school holidays. Under 15's are allowed to volunteer for 2 hours on Sundays.
  • Children aged 15 and over, but under school leaving age, are allowed to volunteer for 2 hours per a day on a school day or 12 hours per a week during school term. They are allowed to volunteer 8 hours per a day on a non school day and 35 hours per week during school holidays. They are allowed to volunteer 2 hours on Sundays.
  • These hours must be between 7am and 7pm and must be generally in school hours. They need to be given an hour break if volunteering for more than 4 hours. Also, a child under the school leaving age must have at least a two week break form any form of activities a year. Volunteering cannot be a reason for being absent from school.
  • Consent from a parent or a guardian should be obtained before a person under the age of 18 starts volunteering.
  • Under 16s cannot have a DBS check carried out on them and are prohibited from making house to house collection for charities.
  • 16-17 years old have no restrictions on the number of hours they volunteer, as long as they remain in part time training or education until they are 17.
There is an increasing number of providers of volunteering opportunities which can have some surprising added benefits around Greater Manchester, I will highlight some I have found below, of course I will keep updating as I find more.
  •  Kooth recruit Ambassadors for their helpline from ages 14-25, they run training events in Manchester to provide the ambassador with the skills to prove support in exchange for around 2 hours a week volunteering time.
  • British Exploring leads scientific expeditions to remote wild environments to encourage the personal development of young people.  British Exploring have a scheme for collecting explorer miles so that Explorers will be able to reduce the cost of their expeditions by contributing to social action in their local area by Volunteering For ages 16-25 Years of age. So volunteering can really pay off.
  • Banardos Recruits volunteers from the age of 14, they are usually stockroom volunteering positions for around 2 hours a week.
  • VInspired provide regular updates on youth volunteering opportunities from the age of 14. 
  • Greater Manchester Youth Network Their main focus is on youth volunteering and social action. This includes supporting young people to volunteer locally and abroad. Their services are for children from age 13.
  • Manchester FA Young Leaders Academy, the young volunteers aged from 16+ undertake a variety of roles within local football from coaching and refereeing, to finance and marketing.
  • Duke Of Edinburgh is a programme of personal development for 14-25 year olds, although not strictly just volunteering it does play a key part.
  • Challenge Offer opportunities for 15-17 year old's. NCS helps build skills for work and life whilst taking on new challenges and meeting new friends. The programme involves a short time away from home, trying new things as well as taking part in a team project in the local community and much more.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Self Directed Learning Through BBC 3

Today has been one of those days that self directed learning is evident and blossomed for the twins.

The twins spent their washing up time listening to BBC Radio 3 which they have done a lot of since going to the Halle event a little while ago, I asked them why they had chosen to listen to BBC 3 today and Oliver informed me that the presenter explains each piece before it is played, which was interesting to hear.

I looked online at who they were covering today and it turned out to be Robert Schumann, who after committing himself to an asylum ended up never coming out and spending his last days there.

I read the twins the synopsis about Robert Schumann that the BBC presented and the twins wanted to know more about what an asylum was and why he was committed and why he died there, we also looked at the Wikipedia entry which lead to the kids asking lots more questions.

We looked at Asylums on Youtube to discover what they were and why we no longer have them, through a couple of useful documentaries..

They also asked about Syphilis and we talked briefly about sexually transmitted diseases which we will cover more in depth at a later date but for now we just looked at the possible reasons he could have contracted it and the use of Mercury which people were treated with as a medicine back then.

This obviously lead to the question of what is Mercury so we found the Mercury element on our poster of the Periodic Table and they wanted to know more about it so we looked at the following video:-


The kids used a good analogy of the Mad Hatter from Alice in wonderland and we talked about why Hatters were afflicted with madness (We also talked about how the author used history to come up with the character of the Mad Hatter) 

We used our own town of Oldham as an example, as Hatting was one of the main industries besides coal and textiles and towards the end of 1756, Oldham had emerged as centre of the hatting industry in England. Due to this little fact we thought we would look up some information on Oldham's asylums and see if there were a lot of asylum patients in Oldham, although we did not come up with any particular facts regarding patients we did come up with some interesting facts about Oldham Boundary Hospital's Workhouses and imbecile wards which you can find here. 

(The twins also asked about the poor law's which I decided to distract them from, as I want to keep this on track so that question will be filed on my to do list of topics).

There is a hat museum in Stockport that we may pop in and visit next week if we have some time during our packed schedule for next week. If we do I will update here on what we saw and learnt.

We talked a little bit about how their grandmother was in an asylum due to her having Schizophrenia and bipolar and talked about some of the treatments she would have received and one of them we know was Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and how medicine and its understanding has changed through new developments of drugs and other therapies and developing understanding of mental health conditions.

We will look more into Mercury and I will find some interesting things for the twins to do, I will update here once we have done that..

All in all a lovely day of the demonstration of the places self directed learning can take you to!..

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Round-up of HE Related YouTube Videos

I thought I would do a post on some of my favourite YouTube videos these will appear in no particular order:-

This video by Antonia Robinson at the Family Life Internationals 2016 Conference reflects on the state of education in the United Kingdom with a focus on home education, explains beautifully home education.

This has to be my all time favourite and will certainly make you smile:-

Ted Talk about why one parent has chosen to home school:-

The next two videos are pretty funny and the guys channel is worth a watch as he has other videos pertaining to Homeschool....

Funny Homeschool kids...

Homeschooler at Hogwarts...

For those who have been home educating for a while...

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Wigan S.T.E.A.M SciArt Stem Cell Explorers

We have been attending a two day art/science workshop at the Wigan S.T.E.A.M Hub, what a fabulous place Wigan S.T.E.A.M is, they provide workshops to both adults and children and also have exhibitions to connect people to Stem, culture and heritage and a few other things that you can find out about on their website (here).

Some of the large range of activities they provide is coding, digital and interactive arts, game design, 3D printing and loads more. Some of their more recent workshops have included:- Draw a Circuit using conductive paint to draw a light up circuit, 3D Pixel Art and of course the workshop we attended over two days The SciArt Stem Cell Explorers, which I will tell you more about shortly but I have to tell you about some of their exciting up and coming workshops first, which include Stop Motion Animation, Light Up Canvas Bags and Catapult engineering.

I found Wigan Steam by chance on eventbright and thought the workshop looked interesting so obviously booked on, I am so very glad that we did. I have to say this is in our top 5 events we have attended whilst home educating, definitely worth the two hour trip there and back.

When you walk into the building you immediately feel relaxed with the fabulous entrance up to the reception area. It feels very informal and welcoming with the gallery just to your left as you walk in, you get a sense of calm and creativity.

Vicky the facilitator greeted us with a big friendly smile and immediately put us at ease and a lovely hot coffee was plunged into my hands not long after.

The learning/workshop room itself is lovely, such a cosy room which has a really uplifting atmosphere, kitted out with everything you need for a workshop, including a projector.

The room has a fabulous shelf area with lots of things to discover, these items would be for the use in other workshops, such as the lego stop motion and robot workshops and there was a fabulous book shelf full of fascinating art books. Even though these items were for other workshops and not this Stem Cell workshop, there was no problems or eyes batted at the kids bringing them out throughout the two days on the Stemcell workshop and having an informal play with them, which I thought was a really lovely touch, the kids were just allowed to play with them and just discover for themselves, nothing was out of bounds on the shelves.

There is also a lovely comfy sofa to sit on too, which my bottom graced for two days with its presence.

I should get on and tell you a little bit about what the kids did for two days on the Stem Cell workshop, which was presented by a fabulous young lady called Gabby York-Salmon who is currently doing an MA in art and science at Liverpool John Moores University.

Over the two days Gabby introduced the kids to Stem Cells, they watched slide shows  on cells and some fascinating videos of magnified cells whilst learning about the components (if that is the word) of cells, they also learnt about Science Artists such as Stelark (definitely check him out, he is a very interesting figure) and they created their own pieces of art work using different mediums such as using dried clay to create cells which they painted with colourful UV and Florescent paint, they also used wool on paper to create cells and used felt pieces with beads and various other things to create cells and they peered through a microscope.

The twins were very happy that they got to show off their cell project that they did a couple of years ago and some of the felt cells were created using some images that they had on their project cover, they also got to show off their video that they made, the blog post about that is here if you are interested. 

They learned all sorts about stem cells and did some fabulous artwork over these two days and we will be going over some of it and doing some more writing, googling and arty things around these fascinating cells.

Gabby and Vicky were very engaging throughout the two days, they covered so much in such a short space of time and they were naturally great with the kids, I would recommend anyone go to at least one workshop there or arrange one with Wigan S.T.E.A.M, either one for the adults or one for the kids, but you will definitely not regret it and certainly add a fantastic experience to your life's tick box, we certainly will be going back!...

With permission of parents here is the Stem Cell Sci/Art Gang!..