Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Review - A Gift From Woolworths - Elaine Everest

I was given this book to review and although it is out of my comfort zone when it comes to books I really enjoyed it and found myself hoping there will be a sequel and I am embarking on reading the 4 previous books.

Elaine Everest is not an author I am familiar with so I googled her facebook page and found she has a small following and has written widely for women's magazines, she is also a creative writing tutor .

This book A Gift From Woolworths is her fifth book in her Woolworths series and is a follow on in her series about a friendship in second World War times between Sarah, Maisie and Freda while working at Woolworths.

Although this is book 5 in the series you are given short back stories to each character so you know who is who. In this book the war is drawing to a close and you can feel the relief and optimism through the characters and the thrill of new beginnings despite rations still being in place and life still quite less than rosy. The book is heart warming set between births deaths and marriages, friendships and betrayals and as an added extra I learned there was a Woolworths museum.

The book gets a thumbs up from me and I am looking forwards to catching up with the rets of the books in the series.

NB* This review is written as part of the Blog Tour and all opinions are my own and I have received no remuneration for this review apart from a paperback copy of the book.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Home Education Is Not A Dumping Ground!..

I sit here really angry when I write this post. Recently I have noticed an increase in LA's negating their duties and dumping kids and their families unwittingly into the word of home education when they are ill equip or even wanting too. The LA has a duty to provide an education to kids that are too ill or are being bullied to the point of suffering with mental health problems because of it.

I have heard many stories over the past few months of parents being told to either send your child to school or home educate and no other options being given to these families who end up in despair because they know their child cannot cope at school and they are not equip to provide education at home financially or mentally. I can see the desperation in their posts and stories of their child already having attempted suicide on a number of occasions or they can see their child's mental heath deteriorating at a rapid rate of knots and all they are faced with are LA's and schools negating their duty to care for these vulnerable children and their families by attempting to force them to home educate, hoping the families will just sign on the dotted line to take financial responsibility and give the LA a get out clause. relieving them of their duties.

The LA have a duty to provide an education and that does include home tutoring. I actually found out about elective home education because a family member had been excluded from school and was receiving home tutoring to get her through her exams. It was then that I found out about this other option of Elective Home Education, I confused the two at first until I understood the implications which as I now realise are huge for some of these vulnerable struggling families.

However Home Tutoring should not be confused with Elective Home Education, although it does seem that these LA's and Schools are confusing the two and only seem to be offering parents with children that cannot attend school the two options of Home Education or send your child to school, I have noticed that more and more families are opting to home educate because they have no other options for them or they believe that they have no other options when they do, home tutoring provided and paid for by the LA.

Families need to know that it is not just a simple get your child to school or you will be fined and imprisoned or alternatively home educate, you do have options and to start you can read the Government Guidelines for children that have an illness and cannot attend school here which I have extracted some of that information below.

If your child can’t go to school

If your child can’t attend because of illness or injury, your school and local council will provide support to make sure their education doesn’t suffer.

The school’s role

The school should:

  • let the local council know if your child is likely to be away from school for more than 15 school days
  • give the local council information about your child’s needs, capabilities and the programme of work
  • help them reintegrate at school when they return
  • make sure they’re kept informed about school events and clubs
  • encourage them to stay in contact with other pupils, eg through visits or videos

The local council’s role

If your child’s going to be away for a long time, the local council will make sure they get as normal an education as possible. This could include arranging:

  • home teaching
  • a hospital school or teaching service
  • a combination of home and hospital teaching
The local council must make sure your child continues to get a full time education - unless part time is better for their health needs.
The local council should also:

  • have a senior officer in charge of the arrangements and a written policy explaining how they’ll meet their responsibilities
  • make sure your child isn’t without access to education for more than 15 school days
  • arrange education from the start of your child’s absence if it’s clear they’re going to be away from school for long and recurring periods
If you are having problems engaging with your school or Local Authority who are blatantly ignoring your needs and trying to off-roll you into home education then please contact one of the below services who will help and give you advice on how to deal with the minefield in front of you to get the education your child deserves.

Contact For Families With Disabled Children are a charity that can help find you local support and also provide a handy guide for when your child cannot attend school which you will find here 

Red Balloon Learner Centre  supports young people who self-exclude or are isolated at school because of bullying or other trauma you can find their website here

Fresh Start In Education welcome any student regardless of their abilities, attitude or behaviour. We work to engage with them, enable them, and re-engage them in their education. You can find their website here

Child Law Advice Offer advice on children out of school and LA legal duties and the processes that should be followed you can find that webpage here

Not Fine In School Is a guide for families who are experiencing a difficult situation and your child is not fine in school, you can find their website here

As a closing statement for this post I just wanted to add I see a lot of people entering home education because they feel they have no other choice, but there are choices.

Exams are expensive and so it tutoring, having to give up your employment is not a choice that should be made lightly, your child deserves the best education they can have and off-rolling is not always in the best interest of the child, if there are alternatives then I implore you to explore those options first before you decide to home educate. Attempts at Off rolling is a disgusting practice that every family should challenge.

For a more in-depth look and some figures on off rolling see here the government education inspection Blog.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Into Film Festival - Beautiful Planet

We had a fabulous visit to the Into Film Festival for the visually stunning A Beautiful Planet Screening. We were very fortunate to listen to a talk from Paul Fisher, Communications Manager From European Space Agency after the film and had the opportunity to have a one to one to ask questions about Climate Change and future jobs in the Space Industry... (thank you Paul for taking your time out to speak with us when everyone had gone.., that pen is fab thank you)....

We will now eagerly go through some of the educational materials that go along with the film and do some fun scientific experiments.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Forensic Field Trip

The twins and I went on a Home Educators Forensic Field Trip and experienced the basics of a Forensic Investigators job.

The workshop was run by Think Forensic in Huddersfield which incidently to our delight is the home of Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker is from Skelmanthorpe where think forensic is based,  you can find them over on facebook. We took a picture outside the restaurant where Jodie likes to eat when she is back home.

We covered the basics of how to take footprints and fingerprints while learning some great facts and figures.

We then got to go onto a crime scene, collect up all the evidence and figure out who done it!.

It was great fun and gave Oliver a taste of some of the things he wants to so as a career working as a detective.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Learning to play the Guitar

Olivia is very creative and one of her passions is music. I have a little bit of experience of music, I played in Mossley Hollins School Brass Band, I originally started off by playing the Cello and had lessons that I loved but I was then moved over to playing the Baritone in the school band. I was never a very confident player amongst some extremely talented people in the band. We played at the Royal Albert Hall and went over to play at the Rastede Festival in Germany. Mossley Hollins even produced a record which I was not on and they were a competition band and played amongst the likes of Black Dyke. Our band Master Mr Farrah is a man I still to this day greatly admire.

I felt I did not have the talent it takes to play or the dedication that it takes to become a good player although I did later join a non competition band in Ross-On-Wye when we lived in Hereford in my late 20's.

Olivia is very musical, she loves to sing and I can see her passion brewing with playing the guitar. We have limited spare cash and not enough to stretch to regular weekly lessons so I have to improvise and find online resources at little or no cost to help her develop her talent.

We tinkered around with a few but never really got anywhere until I found one in particular that gave us a few cords that have really given her the confidence to believe in herself that she can play and one day be a good guitarist the guy is called Marty Swartz, check him out his lessons are great

He also plays Olivias favourite Stand By Me that she has been trying to learn.

 The second bit of inspiration has come from her experience of singing with a busker, he played certain cords alongside Olivia singing and she picked up the sounds of that cord and has been playing it on loop from memory. The sounds of those cords are very much like the video below that Olivia likes to practice with.

The third inspiration for learning to play the guitar has come from a program I found on line that is completely free to use. He has a website and a youtube presence.

For now we are going to try to stick to Justin Guitars and follow his website and see how she gets on, hopefully we will be able to afford some proper guitar lessons in the future but for now I will do what I can to help her follow her passion.

Excitedly Fulflling Desires With Professor Brian Cox

Both Oliver and Olivia are mad fans of Brian Cox, for one he is from our home town and went to one of our local schools but the way he presents is engaging for both adults and children alike.

Oliver always says he wished he can see him live in the flesh so I am very excited to announce I have managed to scrape together enough cash to make his desire come true. I have only gone and purchased 3 tickets to see Brian Cox Universal: Adventures in Space and Time Tour in February at MEN arena. (click below to find out more)

I am so excited, we recently went to Science and Industry Distortions in Space Time Event and they loved the effects and that has set the scene nicely.

Alongside Albert Einstein, Brian Cox is someone who greatly influences Oliver, he has an interest in relativity and Spacetime and all things 4th dimensional, he loves Doctor Who of course which we all do and we have spent quite some time working slowly on layering our understanding of spacetime so I have purchased Wonders of the Universe and Wonders of the Solar System (click on the links to see more) books written by Brian Cox so that I can put their event tickets in each book to open on Xmas day.
I am so excited, I cannot wait to see their faces when we get there!...

Round-up post

I thought I had better do another round-up post considering I have done few posts over the past few weeks.

It has been a very busy time - we have had a new edition to our family, my son had a little boy, I had the pleasure of witnessing his birth to my great joy, and had the pleasure of feeding him his first bottle. He is lovely, such a sweet little soul. I am the ever proud grandma and the twins are very proud aunty and uncle.

This gave rise to a few discussions about childbirth and gender issues which I wont go into here but may do a separate post about how we handle such topics.

The twins and I have been on our annual Halloween Muncaster Castle jaunt with our very good fellow home educating family companions. This was such a lovely time as we do not get to see these particular home educating friends very often but they are my very favourite to spend time with, so it is lovely to spend some quality catch up time just nattering and putting the world to right without having to rush, we can relax and just have some fun. This was extra special for us this year as it was our first getaway of the whole year. I decided to hire a car to be on the safe side so I did not have to worry about break downs which would have been an adventure but would have taken away from our limited time with our friends.

The twins have been working hard on their Maths and have been loving their new program Doodle Maths which we spend a good hour on or two hours for me as I go through questions with the twins individually, so I spend and hour with one and then spend an hour with the other most days.

Their English has been taking shape with Skoolbo and Olivia has the addition of Literacy planet, they both work through the daily challenges on Skoolbo independently and I work with Olivia through Literacy Planet, usually daily for as long as she wants to, fortunately she really enjoys the program so we tend to spend around an hour each day if we have time working through the different levels going over old stuff and discovering new things.

It was a good month for awards, Oliver won badger of the month award and they both were awarded their Discover Arts Award which made them extremely proud of themselves and they now cannot wait to start on the next award.

Olivia is getting more keen on learning the guitar, her singing and musical talents are starting to blossom, she had an opportunity to sing outside a supermarket with a busker to kindly let her take centre stage, this gave her such a buzz that she is now more determined than evert to learn to play the guitar. 

Oliver has been working on languages, he has always had a fascination with words and he asked me about Latin, so we talked about Latin and where it can be found and he is keen to learn more, he also has a fascination with Russian, he has been spending quite some on Duolingo, last time I looked over his shoulder he was looking at French and doing a quiz about different countries and various questions based around the languages.

Olivia has been doing quite a bit of cooking this month, she has wanted to do things herself without my interference unless asked for, from planning meals to cooking them from scratch, she has done well and nothing has been thrown in the bin, she is turning into a good little cook.

Coding has played a massive part in the twins learning the past month or two Oliver particularly likes coding and has been bamboozling my head with coding talking about Coffee, Java and blocks. Olivia was not so keen in the past but the new programs they have been using have obviously had some kind of effect as she is taking part with Oliver a lot lately, she has also been playing a lot more chess than she usually does. I think the interaction with other people on these programs has had an effect on them both. Being able to interact in various ways on these programs with other people has given them a competitive streak.

We went to the Trampoline park in Manchester with a couple of other home ed families and decided to set up a monthly meet for home ed families, the first one starts this month,  the price is fantastic that they have given home ed families we are looking forwards to this meet as we will get to meet families we have not yet met and some we have met but have not seen for a while.

We have gained a new home ed family for friends that live very near to us. She is lovely, just like me in personality and the kids get on great, we have met up with them a number of times and been to parks and bike rides, we all really enjoy their company.

We went to Lancashire mining Museum with another of our home ed family friends and this place is fantastic, we did some mushroom hunting and found some fantastic specimens, the mining museum is a fascinating place and the volunteers are extremely knowledgable and answered many questions that we had which lead on to us doing some research on South Africas mining where they have the largest Mine in the world, although Lancashire mining museum had a depth of an impressive 879 yards. we learnt a lot while we were there and we also had the pleasure of looking at a monument the colliery had rescued recently for WW1 Soldiers who once worked at the mine, research has been done on the names on the marble plaque and they had managed to put together information about their births, lives and deaths of each one of the miners. Very impressive to say the least.

 There is obviously more that I have missed off but I think this rounds up our month nicely...


Thursday, 1 November 2018

Halloween 2018

We have just been met with another growing up event:- Oliver stated that even though we have done the usual this year for Halloween such as pumpkin Picking, Trick or treating and going away to a Halloween event, scary movies and all things Halloween, Oliver declared that it wasn't as good as previous years because the mystery has gone out of it all and he understands properly what it is all about. Neither of them wanted to dress up in full costume as they usually do. Olivia on the other hand has stated that you are never to old for Halloween.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Cell-Fie Education Fail..

I have had such a bad experience with Cell-fie Science boxes, what a terrible company to deal with. Out of all the years of buying educational resources this is definitely the worst experience I have had.

After paying for the science box on 12 August by the 20th September still no sign of the science box. 

The group where I got the discounted subscription for the science box had put a post up stating that the organiser was no longer dealing with the company due to the company having very poor customer service skills. 

There are loads of people still waiting for their science boxes to arrive and after the conversations I had with them, not even an apology for the delay was forthcoming, just a feeble attempt to smear the original organiser of the subscription for the boxes with some made up speculation about the group they ran. Totally unprofessional.

I definitely do not recommend the company in the slightest and I would definitely  stay clear unless you like rude, arrogant and someone who cannot apologise for their bad service, learn from it and improve what they provide.

Thankfully there are quite a few other alternatives for the science boxes on the market which I will be looking in to once I finally get a refund of the non existent Cell-fie box. 

The paypal case I have opened has been open for a couple of days now, the company have not responded, which they need to be careful about doing as Paypal will only go so far before they shut down their account due to the number of cases opened and from what I gather there will be a lot of people asking for refunds and cancellations of their subscriptions.

What a terrible company to deal with, all they had to do was apologise for the delay and update on what was actually happening...never again, awful....... It has totally put me off from joining in these mass home ed subscription groups, not being in a great financial position as it is they seem like a good idea, but not when you get ripped off and messed about like this Cellfie company have done.

Awful experience and definitely the worst company I have dealt with for a very very long time.

For those that have managed to receive their boxes they experienced missing booklets and not very inspiring contents. One girl had hers delivered to a wrong address and is still battling to get hers but she is unlucky as she has paid 3 x for her monthly subscription and is about to go through a 4th payment and she still has not received the first one yet. There are people reporting of not receiving the correct contents, people were supposed to receive 9 experiments and were only receiving 3. The instructions that the booklets were supposed to give are reported to be vague and people are having to wait up to three months from making their first payment to receiving their boxes.

I wish I had done better research before signing up to this Cellfie Education Science Box, it is a lesson learned.... Awful, just truly awful...


I finally received my refund in full from Paypal, not through that guy Martin doing the right thing and just issuing me a refund, he tried very hard to keep hold of my money, he even went to the lengths of inputting a false tracking number, what a scummy person he is, dishonest along with arrogant and rude.
Thankfully Paypal dealt with the matter efficiently and forced the refund.
Be careful people if you decide to deal with this company, it may not end well..

Friday, 7 September 2018

The New Academic Year September 2018

This years new academic year started of with a lesson about death. Our beloved 14 year old Chihuahua passed away early hours of 3rd September, at home peacefully, with us all around to say goodbye.

Our subjects beyond death this academic term will be quite an eclectic mix as I have bought a load of new resources we have never used before and I am sure I will of course collect more as we go along but some of the things we have looked at this week are.

Science  - Learning about the periodic table and its elements- we have purchased a book all about the periodic table (which you can find here Dorling Kinersley Periodic Table) We have found some great sites to investigate, so far we have kicked off with Gold and have looked at how and where gold is found and we have discovered about some of the mining of gold such as the gold rush of Australia and the largest gold mine in South Africa and the human cost of Gold. We also looked at the Gold kept at the Bank of England and The Federal Reserve. This is of course quite cross curricular so we have broached history and sociology along with our science. We also have a Celfie science box coming quarterly which should include some biology, physics and chemistry. Continuing on our theme of recycling we have booked on the Daresbury Lab Science Lectures on 19th September which is talking about how refugees hand materials to scientists and engineers who then come up with things from generating electricity to making a school bus.

Mathematics - We have never been very structured with maths so we have started off with some revision of the things we have learned over the years to reinforce some concepts, we are really getting to grips with our times tables and learning some handy easy concepts to make the process more meaningful than learning by rote. We have a new subscription for DoodleMaths and are also using Skoolbo, Khan Academy and a few workbooks and we have been playing PLYT which is a multiplication board game and you can buy that here.

Coding - We have been playing with Code combat which is a great way to learn coding by creating and playing gamesand we have been dipping into code academy.

History - A lot of what we do incorporates history but this week we have purchased EpicEra which has a number of brief history videos, we have also used Kids Know It website which also has lots of other subjects, which is handy.

Languages - The twins have decided they wants to learn Russian so have been using Duolingo.

Music - All of us have been learning to play the guitar .

The kids of course are keeping up with Chess and Badgers (St Johns Ambulance) and they have decided they want to join the local Break/Street Dance Club, Olivia is talking about rejoining hockey.

English - Skoolbo is our go to for English at the moment along with some workbooks and plenty of reading, we will be attending the into film festival which we booked onto this week so we can follow some curriculum materials alongside some films, we are also learning some Latin that we believe will help us with our English. We are working on our handwriting skills and more on punctuation and story telling creative writing. We aim to be able to enter some stories into a writing competition or two and we have been playing junior scrabble which you can buy here and

Art is a very eclectic mish mash of allsorts of things, both are learning to make cartoon characters and will still be attending the creative workshop once a month, they have their own camera and spend a lot of time videoing and making their own little series of documentaries and films that they enjoy playing with in editing suites, they are continuously collecting rubbish around my house and creating something new, but we will be using the sewing machine more now they are old enough not to stick each other with a needle in a needle fight!

We have numerous other resources at our hands so there is not much time to be sitting around doing nothing, lots of things to learn and do.

I thought I would end this post with a tribute to Mr Majika by posting this song that Olivia recorded just days before he passed away, Majika always lent Olivia his ears, he was her No 1 fan.


Monday, 16 July 2018

From Daughter to Woman By Kim McCabe

Whilst browsing I came across a post by a lady named Faye Rogers who is an Online Freelance PR. The book that Faye is currently promoting is entitled:- From Daughter to Woman: Parenting girls safely through their teens by author Kim McCabe. The books release date is 18th July 2018.

The book title From Daughter to Woman intrigued me so I googled Kim McCabe to find out more. To my delight Kim is a home educator with 3 children of her own. Immediately I wanted to know more.

Kim is also the founder of Rites For Girls. The organisation provides mentoring to girls and their mothers throughout their adolescent years. 

Kim's has a 31 year career span working with young people. This puts her well placed to give guidance and support to adolescents and their parents. Kim McCabe studied child psychology at Cambridge University. She also worked as a counsellor to young people, and taught sex education in schools and youth groups.

The demographic of From Daughter to Woman are mothers of daughters aged 8-18 or indeed any female relative or someone working in a personal way with pre-teens and teenage girls. 

Having my own 9 year old fast approaching her teenage years, I figured it would be an informative read.

My eldest girl is 30 this year and parenting her through her teenage years was not my proudest moment. It was a difficult time. My dreams of a fluffy parent and child relationship emerged as an ongoing nightmare. A disaster resulting in years of continued estrangement.

An experience I do not wish to repeat with my youngest. Finding resources to help me be a better parent for my 9 year old is an essential long term goal for me.

I agree with some of the reviews already out there for this book and it has been said before that we all hope for that ultimate parenting handbook. One that will give us all the definitive answers to parenting. That ultimate guide book that we can open at any given chapter, pulling out the perfect answer and as we all know that no such book exists. But as others have said if it did exist, Daughter to Woman would be part of that ultimate parenting handbook.  

From Daughter to Woman is not a book about what to do if your teenager runs into serious difficulties, it has been designed in a way to help make sure those difficult moments do not happen to her. 

Kim states on her website:- the aim of the book is to make the adolescent’s journey just that bit safer, kinder, and better supported — so parents and teens can enjoy the teenage years more.

Kim talks a lot about quality time spent with your daughter and how that one to one special time can make all the difference to your daughter telling you her worries and sharing those practical matters such as puberty and navigating  staying connected to your daughter even though they may be more independent from you.

Kim's tips from managing moods and understanding why girls love to hate their mothers makes the journey in to teen-hood seem a little less daunting. The way she gives real life examples and case studies, some quite extreme examples makes you feel less alone on this journey. The real life experiences within the book helps you take a good look at yourself as a parent and encourages you to change your parenting style to help your relationship with your child and more importantly helps your child navigate the world they are about to be flung into.  

One fabulous little tip I loved was that when the dreaded 1st period day comes you can celebrate this with your daughter by buying her a hot water bottle. I thought this was a simple but lovely touch that I would never have thought of without Kims book.

Kims talks about so much in this book from navigating social media, managing relationships and friendships, puberty, managing moods and so much more.

The book is one you can read with your daughter and this is what I find so special about this book, even the book can be a shared experience between you and your young one.

I love the way the book is set out so that you can easily find any given section that you need to explore more, the book helps and guides you literally what to do in situations you may find difficult or even just a way to make the experience better for you both with some wonderful tried and tested methods.

I am so happy that I discovered this book and it is one I will keep coming back to time and time again.

Don't just take my word for how good it is, click on the links below to read other reviews on the book.

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*Disclaimer - I was not paid any remuneration for this review although I did receive a review copy of the book and I will NOT receive any commission from any future sales, the opinions I express in this post are purely my own and formed by my own research leading me to form my own informed opinion.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Black History Flashcards Update!.

I still have some Black History cards going spare if anyone wants a pack... 

If you have no idea what I am on about please the see last post about them here

The £20 Offer is only open to home educators, if anyone wants a pack that is not a home educator they can still buy them from my website at £29 for both volumes, if they are an education setting I am happy to offer a volume discount..

Please email me for the password only if you are a home educator to Buy them direct from this link below!...

if you are a non home educator please go to the link below to make your purchase!.

If you are a school group or education facility then please go to the link below for discounted prices!.

If you think you would like to sell the cards yourself and make yourself some extra cash then please email me and I will send you the password for the dropship section so you can make your purchase and I will send them direct to your buyer!....

(please feel free to pass on to other home ed groups)


Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Reap What You Sow!.

It looks like another facebook avoidance session is coming on again for me.

I have only been back on there a week or so and I am regretting it already, the amount of times I have facepalmed in the last few days has left me with a red mark on my eyebrow. .

The world of facebook is such an ugly place. 

I was surprised with this weeks events and all the amount of  Russian propaganda flying around, claims of videos claiming to prove this and that. All clear propaganda created by clickbait youtube owners, dubious memes and fake websites.

You can place fact in front of some people and you can hit them over the head with it but they will still choose to ignore it, they prefer propaganda over fact any day.

They are not the type of people that go to source their information from credible and original sources. Instead they prefer some anonymous Youtube video from 2012 or dubious propaganda fake news site making outrageous claims from a right wing or Russian propaganda factory or badly spelled memes to make their ill informed decision about the direction their country is heading.

Thank god I can switch these people of with a handy block button.

You can clearly tell it is local election time again as the crazy ramblings are ridiculous.

The amount of brainwashing that is going on in this country is frightening to see but our Government will reap what they sow if they fail to provide a proper education and the poor dumb idiots will get all that they deserve for not climbing out of their ignorance!..

Thursday, 12 April 2018

British Youth Councils!.

My best friends son has just been invited to the Royal Wedding. How very exciting!...

He is Chairman of the Hereford City Youth Council and is achieving amazing things at such a young age. 

As home educators it reminded me what a fabulous opportunity The Youth Council organisations gives to our youth to have a voice and help shape their future.

So I have put together a list of our local Youth Council Groups.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Black History Flash Cards

I have come across a fabulous set of Black History Flash Cards produced by a company called Urban Intellectuals.

The Flash Cards are of fantastic quality and the information contained in them is a fantastic starting point to finding out more about Black History.

I am so happy to have found these cards, what a fabulous educational tool for the twins and me.

The cost is reasonable at around £17.99 for the two packs, Volume 1 and Volume 2 plus shipping. 

Of course shipping bumps up the price for me having to have them imported from USA to the UK and it works out at £38, so I have invited a number of other UK based Home Educators to share in the cost and reduce the price for all of us by having a bulk load sent over.

If you want to find out more about these cards pop on over to Urban Intellectuals (here) and maybe buy yourself a pack if you are USA Based or if you are UK based and would like a pack or more if you are a teacher, just give me a quick message on the contact form and we can sort something out and I can include you in my bulk order.


So far in just one day I have 50+ pre-orders so I will be closing this down soon.. Please feel free to add any bulk order of your own to mine if you think you could sell them on yourself, they are a great resource!..

I will be making no profit of my own on these I just want a pack and wont be repeating this bulk buy in:- (please feel free to share with family and friends)....


I now have so many orders for these packs that I can offer these at a great price of approximately £10 + (£2.49) tracked postage for the two volumes, so jump on now before I close this down!.


Fantastic the cards are on their way!...

I am so grateful to everyone who has enabled me to get a set of these cards at a price I can afford, thank you all so much !..

The cards should take 7-14 days to arrive depending on customs so I await in anticipation.

I took the liberty to order a few extra sets which I will put on ebay at £29+ postage so if anyone wants a set when they see yours they will be able to still purchase themselves a set.

Its all excitement now waiting for them to get to my door!...

*Further Update

Ok so the orders have got silly!... I have had to increase my order with the supplier and I am getting lost with all the pre-orders so I have come up with a solution.

I have added them to my website and anyone who now wants a pack can make an order over there:-

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