Book of the week list..

As we read so many books I thought it would be a good idea to note down some of the books we enjoyed the most. Generally if we find a book we particularly like and it has a webpage or resources to go with it or I can find a topic out of it, we do some work based around that during the week, whatever it is.

I don't always blog about the books we cover, so I thought I would link everything together here and do a list of the books we read and any links that may go with that whether it be a link to my blog to a particular entry on a book we have covered, or a book we particularly liked and the resources we found or made up to go with that.

If you have any suggestions of books you are reading or have read which you particularly enjoyed then please feel free to suggest it for us to have a look at.

Biff and Chip - Oxford Reading Tree - not strictly a book of the week but I was sceptical when we purchased these books, but they turned out to be the twins favourite 'go to' books when they were learning and becoming independent readers, out of the hundreds of books we have in the house these were the books they always went to and spent most of their time wandering around with.

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