African History, Black British History, Slavery, Racism Past and Present.

I have an interest in African History, Black British History, slavery, racism past and present from many perspectives, from how it effects and shapes society to how individuals interact with this social construct.

I have learnt a lot from what people post and what news articles are shared and the many educational websites out there so I have decided to use this page to share some of the fascinating things I find and maybe give a comment or two.

History of Blacks in Britain 1400's pre Civil War

World war 1 & 2 and the Colonies

Africa Before Transatlantic Enslavement

Lynchings -

Slavery and dehumanising of blacks
  • Haitian Debt to France  (It can be said that ending Slavery only came at a cost when it came to France ending slavery, Haiti had to buy their way out, a firm basis for reparations rests on this question including looking at its effects whereby Haiti remains the poorest country in the Americas and one of the poorest in the world when in fact it was the most valuable to France one due to the sugar plantations, if you ever wondered why they are, then here is your answer, all their money since slavery went to France)

European Creation Of Racism

  • Racist Ideas
  • Racism in the age of Globalisation -  To look at racism as an isolate without considering its relationship to globalisation and therefore imperialism, is not only to descend into cultural-ism and ethnicism but to overlook the state racism that embeds institutional racism and gives a fillip to popular racism.
  • African Resistance to Colonial Rule 
  • Africa and the British Empire  This is the most comprehensive I have found
  •  How white Marble helped Scholars Whitewash History.

  • Rise of Racism in UK - An interesting look at experiences of racism in UK.


Historical British Black Activists and Influential People

Modern Racism


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