Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Book Of The Week The Chocolate Dog

This is a lovely little book and not one I would normally have picked, but Olivia insisted so we went with it and it was a nice little read.

It would be a great story to read to someone who was expecting a new brother or sister, this was a nice book with a few adventures.

Lots of navigating feelings around having a new sibling arriving from frustration at having to share a room to feeling left out and abandoned at having a birthday party disrupted, but it also investigates the support and understanding that is given to the little girl from family and friends by the parents giving the girls a last minute holiday before baby arrives and the family friend who arranges the birthday party as mum is hospitalised to give birth to the baby.

This story investigates the confused feelings surrounding becoming the middle child and no longer the youngest or the baby in the family along with growing up and becoming more independent by going away on camp without the family.

This is a nice book that does bring to the fore confusion about where a growing child in a family belongs and that sad feeling of not being wanted and the family efforts to ensure those feelings pass swiftly on.

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