Friday, 31 January 2014

Chinese New Year - Year of the Horse

To join in on the celebrations of the Chinese New Year we embarked on a contemporary approach.

A great time to introduce the kids to some contemporary Art, although I strongly suspect that it completely went over their heads, but never the less I enjoyed the gallery and they enjoyed making the mess.

We ventured to the Centre For Chinese Contemporary Art in Manchester for the New Year - Horse Workshop, where they made some horses cut out of paper.

The gallery was a fantastic place and the kids left their very own piece of contemprary art for everyone to admire.

The Gallery was an amazing space the staff where very friendly and took pleasure in explaining the installations.
The kids found them interesting, they where mesmerised with one particular contraption and spent more than 20 minutes gazing into the abyss with some fellow home ed friends.

Oliver found the TV's somewhat confusing and just looked puzzled.

They even managed to bag a lantern from the streets of Manchester which was being lined with them, thanks to a nice workman who agreed to let us have one 'as soon as his boss disappeared'.                                                                                                                                                                    As Manchester is a cultural city I decided to expand on the contemporary theme and we went through the centre to look at the different contemporary art themes going on.

 To compliment our trip to the Centre For Chinese Contemporary Art we watched a youtube video on the story of the Chinese Zodiac

 In addition to all that we did some maths worksheets in the horse theme, played snap with some home made animal card, worked out a horse themed maze and lots of other things which all ended up in our Chinese New Year of the Horse work book.

This was all going to be topped of with a trip to the Chinese New Year  Parade in Manchester China Town but the weather was so awful we decided to stay at home warm and dry and make the Parade a priority for next year.

All in all we had lots of fun for the Chinese New Year of the Horse.

So all is left to say is


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