Saturday, 1 February 2014

New Year New Study.

Well it has come to that time of year again where I start a new module in my OU studies.. Well two in actual fact this time.

My official start date is 1st Feb for both courses, D203 Power, dissent, equality: understanding contemporary politics & DD206 The Uses of Social Science.

After skimming through the books and looking through the web resources my panic that I could feel building at the thought of covering two 60 point modules has slightly dissipated.

I managed to cover the full weeks material for both courses in just 24 hours, so this gives me plenty of time to look back over the material and  make some notes.

I have ordered the how to write essays for sociology which should hopefully arrive in the not to distant future as I am well aware of my poor writing skills and this does really hold me back, studying the how to write essay book might go long way to improving that.

The forums, oh the forums, something I find very intimidating is a must on both courses this year as participation makes up some of the marks and along with the fact I cannot get to the tutorials.
I introduced myself meekly amongst the confident students who all seemed like they had already licked the course with their Political knowledge seeping through. In fact one works for Government working on Policies so it kind of baffles me slightly why they would want to take a step back and do a course like this, but as I have found out some of the degree modules require you to do modules that seem really pointless, an evil necessity may be.

I am starting of a lot more confident than I thought and I even managed to steel some study time whilst the kids where at their weekly Stage Coach Class, which was far better than wandering around Asda killing time which is what I usually do whilst they are doing their drama.

Anyway, so far, so good, no panics and a sense of relief that the material is manageable and I feel I will enjoy these modules.

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