Sunday, 2 February 2014

Structure Vs None Structure

I did a personality test the other day and it basically states I am very unstructured and a partner who is structured would suit me to the ground as although I make an excellent parent my children would need more structure which I could get help with from the right partner.

This got me to thinking about my unstructured approach to life, I have always struggled with routine and planning which in the most part has not affected me to any degree, I have managed to work my life around my personality in that I am self employed and work when I want to and even my study despite having deadlines, it is Open University so I manage that easily as I can study when I want to (when procrastination does not hit home).

Although I do have routines that are inherent to our day to day lives such as the kids clubs which are ballet and Drama group there isn't much else that I can say is routine in our lives.

Every day is a wait and see situation, whatever pops up is what happens that day.

I have to say I have made a slight effort towards the back end of last year when I booked a pantomime in August and a show for next April 2014, which was being rather ambitious for me as booking ahead so far for anything gives me chills just thinking about it, all the what if's pop up and usually something does get in the way of the planned event and plans then have to be changed which I find infuriating.

The Pantomime was relatively successful in that we actually did get there but plans did have to be changed as some of our party could not make the event so I had to find a stand in for the tickets and gave them to a friend who was at a loose end that night, so fortunately the tickets did not go to waste, although the April tickets have had a bit of a beating as I have to find a new owner for the rather expensive tickets as again the other party cannot attend, so although relatively not ruined plans but definitely not as planned.

I have booked and arranged a group event again for April which is a few months away and again very ambitious of me considering the catastrophes that could occur between now and then, being in the driving seat does make me nervous and I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly, but check back in April and you will find out if all was well or not!...

The kids don't appear to be affected in any way with my lack of routine, they have their own in that they get up at certain times, and do the routine things like brushing teeth, getting dressed, making a mess, etc...They have breakfast, lunch and dinner around the same times every day and they do their few hours of work on the computer each day, all be it various times of the day but it is a routine that they do every day none the less.

Whenever we do have to be somewhere we always or I should say I always struggle to get there on time and have panic attacks at the thought of going somewhere where it is imperative to be there at a certain time and it can be pretty much guaranteed we will be late, I have been like that since childhood, always the last one in class, always getting dressed down in work for being late, friends always expect me half hour later than planned or they tell me a time half hour before the actual meeting time (yes they have me to a tee)

Doctors appointments, dentist appointments, optician appointments fill me with dread, just imagine if my two went to school, I would be bankrupt with the fines they give out now for being late to school.

No amount of trying can get me to change this habit, and trust me I try to be on time but it really is something I have never mastered.

I am comfortable with our unstructured life and the chaos that sometimes brings but I do wonder what benefits could the kids receive if we where to become more structured in our approach.. that is something I will ponder....

See this post is a good example it started of as structure vs none structure but ended up as describing my routines or lack of... no matter how hard I try to be structured it just does not work..

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