Sunday, 2 February 2014


I was greeted with good morning in seven different languages this morning!..

Baffled was I to find that my little angels could say good morning in more than the usual grunt that  I normally receive, I jumped on this opportunity and we spent the morning creating a simple lapbook with the seven different versions of good morning and the flags of those countries, we expanded on that by learning 'My name is..' in those different languages.

I came across a great site that covers many different languages and also has audio so you can hear the pronunciation, it's a great little site with the basics of many different languages called Omniglot

After quizzing the kids for some time about where they learnt how to say good morning in these different languages they informed me that it was something on their Innotab, a little storybook  that introduces them to languages in a fun way.

Of course the search is on now for some specific language innotab games.

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