Monday, 24 February 2014

Dental Health Week

As it's dental health week for children and we also have a dental checkup this week, we are working  on oral health and teeth.

Lots of fun with teeth will be shared soon...

We did an experiment on the effects of acids and sugar on the teeth using some eggs, coke, vinegar and water.

We left the eggs in the coke vinegar and water to show what happens to teeth if they are not brushed properly.
First they boiled some eggs

Then placed then into containers with coke, water and vinegar

Whilst we where waiting we talked about what we thought might happen to the eggs and they both came up with the eggs rotting away, "good guess" I thought!..

They then left the for 24 hours to see what happens and this is the result.
 In order of appearance we have - 
coke                water         and vinegar.
The Coke egg shell inevitably  dissolved

 The Vinegar egg had a stain left which they the tried to clean off with a toothbrush to no avail.

A good lesson was had on the importance of ensuring teeth are brushed properly every day.

We looked at the different parts of the teeth

We played some on-line games with teeth as the theme from the Colgate Website

We found some other great things to do on the homeschool share website.
Printouts and colouring pages, we also did some maths using the teeth theme.

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