Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sochi Winter Olympic Games Lapbook

Following on from my earlier post regarding the Sochi Winter Olympic Games we did a lapbook.

In this lapbook we covered, Maths, English, History, Geography, IT, and Art

The theme was as it says on the tin Sochi Winter Olympics, we started out doing the front cover where they searched on the internet for the pictures to create our front page.


We talked about the Olympic rings and their colour and shape and also the picture of the map with the flag on which covered their geography as we are covering different countries they are learning the concept of maps, different countries and flags.

They did the selection by themselves and saved them to the computer and then together we uploaded and designed on Powerpoint, the kids both did their own names and helped me to pick out the correct letters for the rest of the text. They had great fun with this IT lesson.

The first flap entails a couple of games that are primarily for me to see what they know and the tasks where pretty easy.

  The first game named shadow matching is a game of 12 cards, 6 of which are pictures of people doing winter sports and 6 of the same picture but as a shadow, the kids had to match the correct person to the correct shadow.

The second game was a simple puzzle, four pictures of winter sports cut into 4 pieces which they have all mingled and they had to put them all together

The third game is a series of pictures and they have to count the picture and state which picture has more, we also covered the pictures with separate pieces of paper and removed some and counted what was revealed and then what was added, we played a few different games with this one and worked on addition and subtraction.

On the next flap we did a simple counting game of addition with the characters in the theme of the winter sports characters we have been using and we did colour and count where the instructions are to count a certain amount of pictures and reveal the answer. These are in little booklets.

We also included the letter O for Olympics which the twins where very happy with as it is their favourite letter, the kids did a great job of cutting it out and sticking it in the book after creating it on the computer in Powerpoint. They also coloured and cut out the snowboarder.

This next page consists of games and some art, we created a hands Olympics dove peace symbol, out of their hands which they then cut out and stuck to the lapbook.

The next flap consists of 2 more games, the first one being an addition game.

 There are a series of 12 cards with pictures of equipment the athletes would use and they had to guess between 3 answers which one was the correct mount according to the pictures, we also attempted to add up all numbers on each card.                                                                                      Beginning sound Game
The second another easy 
   big and small game

                                                                                                                                What's the difference game

The next page is more hands on with coluring and writing.

We then moved on to finding a map on Google and picking out the map of Russia to colour in the flag colours, they then cut this out and stuck it in to the lapbook.

We then created an Olympic God booklet with 14 Olympic Gods to colour

 We talked about each God and explored the beginning of the games, which has introduced them to the subject of Greek Mythology. 

They also watched a couple of video about the Olympic gods and the Olympics, and we also watched the film Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. (this link is the trailer for the sea of monsters which is also on our to watch list).

They also did some additional pictures of the gods and the participants in the games using 
colour by number.

 All in all we had a great two weeks of all things Olympics

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