Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Play based learning.. eurika moment..

I was really excited today I had evidence given to me that our approach is working.

I went to put washing away and came down to Olivia making a triangle and sequencing the books she was using to make it.

She was giving herself a maths lesson....

Maths is not something we have touched on in our structured work to any degree past shapes and basic numbers, so I was very excited to see she has picked up the concept of sequencing by herself through play.

It felt like a affirmation, one of those eurika moments when things all fall into place.

It had given me a further degree of comfort in our educational method choice.

Many home educators will tell you they often go through periods of doubt that their children are actually learning anything, today has been the proof to me that they do, they pick up things and learn new concepts without you even realising it.

So here is very apt song to leave you with  and sums up my day today...

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