Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Learning foreign language.

The kids are really keen on foreign languages, they have had a habit of saying hello in different languages in a morning  as I have said in a previous post.

I am trying to keep their interest and today the kids came up with the idea of a puppet show, to show case their language learning skills, so alongside the lapbook that we created, (which I have left hanging around for them to peruse through and we will expand as they learn different words and phrases). they came up with different names for their puppets and started the show.

They really enjoyed it even though they where thrown off a little bit having to add names into the mix but they had fun.

I have been looking at some learning language programs and have found the Muzzy program from early learning advantage,  they also have some online learning resources. This looks good as it has DVD's, books included along with the 12 months subscription of the online resources.

There is also Dino Lingo which looks similar to the Muzzy program, it has DVD's, Books and flashcards amongst the other resources they offer.

I have also found the BBC programs that offer numerous languages, one I have book marked is Chinese these are free through the BBC sites, there are loads of different languages they provide access too, all covering the basics through different methods.

If you know of any sites please feel free to leave me some recommendations.

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