Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Childrens ability to question...

I love the fact that the twins are already learning to question things.

An interesting thing happened with one of the reading programs a week or so ago. 

The program was an American one, the obvious comes into question and that is the accents, the pronunciations are different.

Oliver actually picked up an error in the program and I am kicking myself now for not noting down the program and making a point of contacting them about it.

They where doing some phonics work on the computer and one of the letters was incorrect, Oliver noticed it straight away and said 'no that's not right', very sure of himself, at first I thought it was just the accent but on listening again and then a third time, it was actually incorrect, not just an accent misconception but a very different letter altogether.

I was really pleased that he had actually picked up the mistake and questioned it in the way that he did instead of just letting it pass and ignoring it.

 One thing in my own life that I had an inability to do was question things, for much of my earlier years I never questioned anything, I assumed those in authority knew all the answers and where always right, to my horror I woke up and realised well actually they are not always right and very often get it wrong, I learnt to trust my own instincts and question things and from that moment life improved dramatically.

I am hoping the twins ability to question things will shine through from an early age and certainly much sooner for them than it was for me.

We spend many a day searching for answers to things we don't fully understand and sometimes there are conflicting answers to those question, it is not always what is right and what is wrong, but the important thing is to question those things we feel are not right, and trust more in our own instincts.

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