Saturday, 19 July 2014

Educational Link find of the month (July)

  • Learning Environmental Education Seasons

Great link for KS1, environment by seasons, some great ideas here for our walks at Daisy Nook.

This is perfect for me to give some art inspiration to the kids to encourage them more in art.

  • Lego Story Pack

I have applied for this pack which will arrive in September, I am not entirely sure what the benefits will be but if it help them put pen to paper then it will be worth it.

  • Children's creative writing competitions.

I will hopefully try to encourage Oliver with his writing, he isn't very competitive so it may not work, but it is worth a try.

  • World Flag bunting

I love this resource  as we will be putting some decoration up for September for their celebration of the official start of their learning Journey, so this will come in handy to make a world flag bunting decoration.

  • Chess guide.
I have been teaching the kids chess and also have a chess club planned if we can get enough interest so this is a great guide on learning chess.
This is a great place for kids to learn and play chess with others online.

  • Chocolate

As it is officially the holidays I think what better way to celebrate than with chocolate, here we have lots and lots of chocolate recipes to get stuck into.

  • Dance mat typing

Here is great game to get the kids learning to type, my two love using the computer so this should have them both glued.

  • Science Activity Pack,

A whopping 350 science activities to download and have lots of fun with... I think signing up is a must for this site to keep on top of the latest science news.

  • Frozen Printables

If your minis are anything like mine you will love these printable's.

  • Nourish Interactive

  • Food A fact of life

We will be covering healthy eating quite extensively throughout  our time in daily life and this website looks good for nutrition information for the kids to get interactive with.

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