Thursday, 31 July 2014


We had the fantastic fortune this week of a once in a lifetime visit and stepping foot on the Dragon Harold Fairhair Viking Ship this week.

What an experience, such a beautiful ship and what fantastic history.

The kids learnt a fundamental fact that the Vikings did not run round with horns on their heads.. 

 You can find out all about the ship here but for those that don't want to click the link the ship is the largest Viking ship built in modern times.

What a superb vessel, the ship had a broken mast which was being replaced at the sailing Club in Walsall and they kindly allowed visits before it sails back again to Norway.

You can take a peek at their facebook page which will give details of its visit to UK..

We had a fabulous time on board and decided to visit the beach before heading back home where we drew names in the sand and fund some shells.

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