Friday, 28 July 2017

Encouraging a love of reading in children: Raising Kids Who Read.

I recently read this book called Raising Kids Who Read: What Parents and Teachers can do by Daniel T Willingham. > You can buy it here <

The book provides practical solutions for cultivating a love of reading that lasts into adulthood.

For me it is important that the kids love reading, our house is full of books and we spend a lot of time reading books, the kids love reading, especially Oliver.

This book resonated with me as some of the techniques he talks about I have done with the twins and I can tell you categorically that it works.

The science-based approach in Raising Kids Who Read applies to kids of all ages.

Education expert Daniel T. Willingham's Research-based, concrete suggestions to aid teachers and parents in promoting reading as a hobby Age-specific tips for developing decoding ability, comprehension, and motivation in kids from birth through adolescence Information on helping kids with dyslexia and encouraging reading in the digital age Debunking the myths about reading education,

In the book William's suggests to parents to not just give commands, but ask a lot of questions to show that the purpose of language is to acquire new knowledge, not just communicating one's own wishes. 

There are many familiar ideas that I have always put into practice such as family reading time, having lots of books accessible around the house, using silly voices and changing names, letting the children choose their own books,  magazine subscriptions. For us it was the Free Lego Life magazine which they love, this is for children aged between 5-9 years old and they receive 5 copies a year, my two love the arrival through the door of their Lego magazine > FREE LEGO MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION <

This is not a book about teaching reading, but about trying to create reading habits, it is an informative, smart, and yet simple book!...


  1. Anything that encourages kids to read has to be good. The younger generation are so into devices that the pleasure of a book is being lost

    1. That is very true, we started off using Reading Eggs for learning to read but I soon noticed how they would never pick up a book, after limiting the use of electronic devices with a focus on reading, I found they more readily enjoyed picking up a book. Oliver has made good progress using electronic devices in different forms to improve his reading but he appreciates there are other mediums such as physical books to read that gives an altogether different experience!.. I believe delaying the use of electronic devices has made a massive impact on how much my two love to pick up a book!.. Oxford Reading tree e-books are good online, which my two really enjoyed but the physical books themselves, even such as Biff and Chip, they enjoy more and in fact went to Biff and Chip more than any other, and in fact still do. It appears the physical books give them confidence with their reading ability as it appears more tangible to them than an electronic device does, which I find interesting when it comes to electronic device vs physical books and the way kids learn.