Monday, 24 July 2017

Summer Holiday Educational day trips

I hate School holidays as it get so busy everywhere you go, but I also love it for the amount of extra learning events that go on.

We usually slack off around July and enjoy ourselves without focusing on learning too much, but as we are very autonomous it is now inbred into the kids and they tend to spend most of their time naturally finding new topics and ways to learn every day, so it is hard to switch off but we go all out during August and take advantage of the myriad of learning opportunities that spring up to keep the school kids entertained during their long summer break.

Strangely enough we generally find that most of the events are lightly attended if they contain anything educational so we find them not too badly overcrowded.

I started to post a load of day trips with an educational slant onto the group page but there are so many that I decided to collate them all here in this blog post to keep them all in one place, this makes it easier for me to keep up with, you can also click through and get to the booking forms for each one and I will update the list as I become aware of other events, if you pop along to any and we are there and you see us, give us a wave....

July 2017 

 August 2017 
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