Saturday, 26 August 2017

Our New Adventure Down Crafting Road!

Oh my word it has just hit me that it will soon be Christmas!!!... Arrrggghh.. That is exactly what I thought...

I was searching for some crafting materials as we have planned to do a wall mural for our Infrastructure project but have been severely held back due to not being able to find the crafting materials that we need for it!.

We popped into a local store that sells recycled crafting materials as we thought that would be the most appropriate way to do it, we ended up coming away with not very much. The problem was not that they did not have what we wanted but the problem was we didn't know what we wanted.

We have problems in the way we work that has pretty much shone through with this project and that is that we do not plan well enough.

I have never been a great planner, it has always been my downfall and it has shown trying to get this Infrastructure wall art project going.

We are so spontaneous that we usually just 'start doing it' so having to go out and find what we want is so monotonous, I was looking online and came across Create and Craft, the first thing that hit me was the Christmas Crafts, I thought wow we could make things for Xmas this year, do some personalised cards, so I started to fill up my basket, considering they are on a clearance sale I thought why not.

So considering I am not very good at planning I feel pretty pleased with myself that I have actually managed to plan ahead for our Christmas Crafts Making and find a way to be able to get the things we need for our Infrastructure wall mural, all with the help of Create and Craft.

The other great thing about having an online crafting site to go to is that we can decide what we want by having a look and seeing what is appropriate for what we want at the time, no trundling round loads of shops in the hope we find something that we might be able to use.

Create and Crafts delivery is pretty quick, they have great prices and they have lots of variety so I think they will now become my go to when it comes to crafting. 

I cannot actually believe it has taken so long to find them, not being a crafter of any kind with no creative bone in my body the site is easy to use, I can search by occasion or type of craft we want to do, Olivia loves Jewellery making and baking and painting she is so creative, it will help me no end meet her needs.

They have a membership club that costs £20 per year but has a half price offer at the moment, we have joined up. We get a magazine which Olivia will absolutely love, plus a few other added benefits which will make our crafting adventures exciting now, instead of an occasion I dread.

It feels like a new adventure down crafting road for me and I feel quite excited about it that I can finally help Olivia with her artistic endeavours much better than I ever could before finding Create and Craft.

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