Monday, 11 September 2017

Shift Workshop - Alan Turing

I was so pleased that although still not feeling too well we made it to the Alan Turing Shift Pattern Craft Workshop, celebrating the early work of Alan Turing lead by Gemma May Latham and David Whale. .

We had so much fun, cracking codes and the best part was meeting David Whale who is the technical advisor to The Institution of Engineering and Technology (The IET) for the BBC micro:bit project, and has written a number of the resources used both by the BBC and The IET to name our favourite the BBC Dr Who and the Dalek Coding Game.

Call us geeks but we were very excited and even managed to get his autograph.

The workshop was lots of fun and as it was a very small group of only 4 kids and 3 adults we got to ask as many questions as we liked and spend as much time on what we were doing without having to rush onto something else before the kids had got to grips with what they were already doing.

Both Olivia and Oliver got suck in and it was lovely seeing the fruits of our labour coming to fruition again, as although we have covered some coding concept over the years it is not something we have covered in any depth and the knowledge they had of what they were doing was pretty impressive,  it was another confirmation moment that home education does work and the kids pick things up all the time and are able to apply that knowledge when needed, as long as they are exposed to various concepts at some point they will pick it up without realising.

So again as with the recycling centre, I am very pleased that we braved it despite not feeling great.

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