Saturday, 6 February 2016

Falling in love and... beds....

One thing I remember after I had the twins, besides the shock that it was two and not one baby that would be crashing into my life for me to cope with, was that intense feeling of falling in love.

That feeling I will never forget of such deep love that I have for the twins, I could not take my eyes of either of them, to be fair this was partly due to the shock factor of actually having twins that I am still getting to grips with today, but my god that feeling of falling in love was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. For the first few months I used to just stop and watch them, sit and just stare at every feature.

I look at them now and every so often I get this warm feeling of  'look at that, they are so perfect in every way' and I get a warm glow, I look at them and just think I am so in love with these little people, just to stop and watch them with their smiling faces and listen to their soft voices.

I love to stop and just watch...

I decorated their room last year and this included new beds, their cute little cottage bed and Thomas bed went and new high sleepers where brought in, my expectations of them having lots of fun with the beds using them as climbing frames where true to form and they love the beds but.... we are all now having issues with the beds, Oliver never sleeps in his, he says it is too high and he tends to sleep underneath Olivia's bed with the dogs, Olivia has no complaints she is so easy going, everything is great to her, but I have complains too, they are too high for me to sit and watch them during the night.

Yes it sounds creepy but I used to love sitting on the floor between the beds and just watching them while they slept for a while, we also have to do bedtime stories on my bed too which isn't the same as reading until they fall asleep in their own beds..

I miss just sitting and watching them and living my falling in love time, Oliver hates to be high so we are on a mission now, the beds have to go....

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