Thursday, 4 February 2016

Looking Inside Mummies

We had a jaunt with another home ed family to see the much talked about exhibition of animal mummies at the museum, the chance to look inside and see inside a mummy was a great opportunity..

Oliver was lucky enough to get a phone call from Stan the Dino whilst we where there too, which was an added bonus.

And they have a new addition since our last visit which is an amazing Tigon, we where all quite excited to see this, a hybrid Lion and Tiger, she was beautiful and has only recently gone on display. 

We did our usual whilst we where there and grabbed some food in the restaurant which has also recently changed, not sure I am a fan and of the changed cafe and we may nip to Greggs nearby next time instead of eating there like we usually do, as it is on the way to the park down the road which we have run around after the museum.

A nice trip out  and a nice natter was had, we even bumped in to quite a few other home ed families whilst we where there which was nice.

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