Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Book of the Week Scream Street

Scream street is not strictly a book of the week for us but a series of books, this is a series of books that we have randomly dipped in and out of.

They love this series of books and was one of the first chapter books we had ever read. It captures the imagination. The kids were very excited when they heard there was to be a series of scream street made for the TV in the form of a kids program.

This is an excellent long term read for us and the kids love my silly voices and the characters come alive for the twins.

The website gives lots of information about the book that has been made into a tv program and this site gives more information about Tommy Donbavand and his 13 books about scream street.

Sadly he is suffering from cancer but has had the news he is in remission, he is documenting his journey with good humoured witty updates on a blog aptly entitled Tommy v Cancer.

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