Saturday, 31 December 2016

Logo creating and a new image for the blog.

After spending my time blog hopping in my boredom, I noticed a few things on other blogs and how difficult my blog can be to read, the back ground is quite busy and on top of that I have had the same theme for the past few years, so I fancy a change and thought I would strike whilst the iron is hot and create myself a couple of new logos for this blog.

Now that I have created a couple of options I am really stuck with which one to choose, being a libra star sign I have now really created myself a conundrum, which one do I choose if any?...

Number 1 is bright and sunny...

and Number 2 is more feminine

I do like the font on both of the logos and I love our motto of life is beautiful, what I am not sure about is the images of the sun and the tulips.

Not being any kind of graphics designer and just a doodler, I find that part of making and creating graphics a bit daunting. I am no artist so having a good perspective when it comes to artwork is something I am not confident with. I am 'ok' with editing other pictures either from the web or taken from my own stock of photos.

Although I have run my own business for many years and never had the luxury of being able to afford to hire anyone to create any of my logos, I always give it a good shot despite never being happy with them in the end.

I think you have to have a certain eye for detail and an artistic imaginative flair, which I do not posses much of, but I certainly do enjoy trying.

A lot of the blogs I have read have quite a white theme, with elegant writing and they make me feel welcome. The minimalist feel is something I seem to be drawn to, it keeps my focus on what I am reading, without being too distracted, (which is very easily done with me), so I really like that idea for this blog instead of that busy blurry background that I currently do have.

I am keeping in mind that this blog is so that we have a record of what we do and how we change as a family during our home educating journey, but I am also mindful that there are 'some' people that may want to share in our journey and have a read every now and again, maybe a bit like yourself, reading this, yes you I see you peeking!..... and I want it to be welcoming to you guys, as I love sharing my thoughts in this blog, all be it only every now and again when I get a chance.

So back to my issues, which one do I choose, if any?.... 

I am leaning towards this one though, as I think it is bright and breezy with a little fun mixed in.

The joys of being a Libran... arrrgggh....

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  1. Oh the yellow.....any day...check out those tongues and cheeky faces! How can you have tulips with those!