Friday, 3 February 2017

Appeasing Grammar Police....

Writing anything down has always been something that gives me great chills.

I am very aware of my very poor grammar skills in my written work, this has affected me in different ways, recently I have failed to carry through with a Police complaint due to not being able to put down on paper what I needed to say, I did shout for help with the letter but none was forthcoming, so it resulted in  such an important thing for me being forgotten and left in the doldrums.

This made me realise how poor grammar can affect life in ways unexpected, grammar is important.

The twins do grammar work and have done so from an early age, this is important for them to get to grips with. This is a good example of how I can learn alongside the kids while home educating and brush up on my own skills and fix some of the poor education I received through a school.

My writing never improves, bad habits die hard, despite trying to do a lot of work on my grammar skills, it seems to go in one ear and out of the other, when I look back on posts on this blog I generally always think 'what on earth did I write there'. I recently read a post about bad grammar on Blog Clarity, this is a great article and highlights the importance of proof reading blog posts.

Sentence planning is something I seem to struggle with, I noticed this whilst doing my degree, in fact that was one very big reason I never completed my degree, the contents were easy to understand, writing it down on paper, in my own words was another matter.

I had a facebook friend who used to help me with my Uni work, (thanks DH), she would go through my work and be critical, her English Lit and Language skills are excellent, she knows how to use her words, she has studied and has qualifications in the art of English and has exemplary skills in the art of English. I envy her... She would make a great writer.

It is so frustrating but the block is there and all I can do is keep plodding on and hope the twins are much better at it than I ever will be, and not give up writing for fear of others critical and often unkind rather than helpful remarks.

There are a few weblinks that I often turn to for a refresher and some tips, and to help the twins, I just have the job of getting the info to sink in, here are some of those weblinks:-

I have been advised in the past to do a technical writing course, which should help, some of the courses I have found are here, not all are free.

There are literally hundreds of English Grammar sites, some free to use, all I have to do is learn it and get it to sink in... that is the hard part!...

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