Friday, 3 February 2017

Shameless Plug For Maplin

I have to give this plug for Maplins, what a fab company to deal with.

I have had my eye on one of their Metal Detectors for a while since we decided to take up metal detecting whilst we were staying by the beach, the particular detector I had my eye on was the standard metal detector with analogue display, this has great reviews I found on the web and looks like a great starter metal detector for the twins and I to get to grips with, easy to use, lightweight and has a good depth search coil.

I have done a lot of research on metal detectors and they come in at crazy prices mostly at the £100+ mark, so I thought this looked good for the price as a starter model, the price I have seen on this model was £49.99 in the Maplin Sale or £69.99 at the usual price.

To my dismay when I went to buy it after I managed to scrape the cash together, the sale had ended, and I had missed out on the sale price, feeling a bit upset as I knew that we would now have to wait even longer for a metal detector until I scraped some more money together, sad when we had our hearts set on getting started and I was banking on this to be a distraction to the horrors we are going through right now.

I was more annoyed as their sale end date that I saw was 14/02/2017 or so I thought, I may have seen it wrong but that is what was advertised on the facebook page, but the end date was actually the 31st January 2017.

Not being one to normally complain, unusually I did complain, this was mainly due to a bad week and hearing some quite bad news on an ongoing situation in our lives. I felt pretty upset and in a weak moment thought to myself, I didn't need the disappointment and feeling like I had promised the twins something that I could now not deliver on, after we had been looking forwards to a bit of simple fun all week.

I wrote them a short message on their facebook page and pointed out that I wished they had made it more clear when their sale ended as we had missed out on the metal detector.

To my surprise they quickly wrote back asking which item number it was and then proceeded to offer it at the sale price, I was so happy. Maplins were quick to phone me and sort out collecting the detector.

None of which I expected, I just wanted to moan and share my disappointment at me missing the sale.

I have to say they had first class customer service and they really do not know how much that gesture meant to us. The smile it put on my face and the kids was priceless, after the terrible time we have been having that small thing made a massive difference in our lives and will now go a long way to making the next few weeks bearable and put a few adventures and smiles on our faces.

Thank you Maplin

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