Saturday, 4 February 2017

Centre for Personalised Education - Alternative Educational Futures LEX Conference
Centre for Personalised Education are holding an - Alternative Educational Futures LEX Conference in March.

There are some great speakers booked and although I do not usually attend events like this, I may actually go to this one.

I love home education, I love the workings of home education, so it is always good to learn more about alternative education.

I  have often found it hard to understand why home education gets attacked so negatively,  so often, other than the fact that people do not like individualism in this country. Everything has to be controlled, anything that is not understood is dismissed as being odd or weird or not right and has to be guided by a higher power, those are the usual judgements of the ignorant who actually have no clue what it is all about but just like to judge anyway.

Personalised education does not make mass education look any worse than it is, personalised education is not an attack on main stream education, it is just a different alternative way of doing it.

I often laugh when I see negative comments coming from the masses regarding the inferiority of home education with socialisation and the quality of education being the most talked about subject when it come to home education, rarely is it the content of the education being discussed.

Most of these people who are negatively commenting on something they know nothing about have terrible writing skills (worse than mine) that  they learnt in school, the majority of them have jobs that they need no exams to be able to carry out, if in work at all, after all it is not the home educating community that are having campaigns to befriend people due to loneliness, they already befriend people throughout their varied interesting daily lives whilst home educating, instead of being confined to four walls being forced to mix with the segregated same age and ability groups, day in and day out, all whilst juggling innovative business ideas to keep them employed.

I often wonder why conferences like these are not more packed out by these outspoken vocal opponents of alternative education to find out more about it.

'The Centre for Personalised Education – Personalised Education Now seeks to promote educational ‘alternatives for everybody, all of the time’ through a diverse, funded Personalised Educational Landscape'.

This I am surprised is not already taken up more by our Government instead of them attacking it, being in a progressive society includes moving education forwards to a new level and coming up with great new ways to educate the masses. The level of unemployment and lack of a innovative workforce which industry leaders are screaming out about, with more and more people turning away from mass education in this country, should be a good indicator that the current 'mass eduction for all' is failing, it is failing to inspire and excite a huge group of the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Even Mark Zuckerberg is a great advocate of personalised learning and Sal Khan the creator of Khan Academy is a great advocates and both have demonstrated perfectly what the power of personalised learning can do.

Personalised learning to me, is something to be excited about, and I am all for those trying to get personalised learning initiatives funded by our Government and Industry, and let it be seen for what it is, not something to fear and regulate the death out of, but something to support and help innovate and become more accessible for our future generations..

To find out more about this years Centre for personalised education Conference and to book a place click on the eventbrite link below.

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