Thursday, 17 September 2015

Changing times..

I was looking back through the blog and noticed I had written in an earlier post about how the twins do not draw very much and are just not interested, well how things do change..

They are now both very keen drawers and have blown me away with some of the drawings they are coming up with.

After our trip to the Dr Who Experience Oliver spent a lot of time stuck in his book, they both have books they always seem to carry round with them that are used for whatever they want really, and he has started this drawing of a Dr Who theme, he keeps wandering over and showing me what he has got up to and he is very dedicated to this drawing, I am blown away at what he has done through memory and not copying, he had written 'Police' on the top of the box and I asked him what it said and he said 'I don't know' and I asked him did he copy the words and he looked at me like I was mad and said no, it's what is written on the top of the box, it's always there he said... so he had remembered the letters but not what it said, I obviously did tell him and he was quite pleased he had remembered all the letters correctly.

Olivia is keen on drawing figures and her technique is becoming really good, with this new found love of art they have come up with we looked at some you tube videos on how to draw simple figures like Minni Mouse and other characters like Spider man, the videos are quite good and quite simple for them to follow, but it has certainly ignited a fire and they now do a lot of drawing and they are  (yes I know I am biased) very good at it...

Here are a few of their wonderful artworks....

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