Sunday, 20 September 2015

Halloween Dilemma.

Ok so Halloween is coming up quite rapidly and I have nothing planned, work wise or entertainment wise for the twins.

When the twins were younger I could just wing it and no matter what I did they enjoyed the occasion. Now they are older they can see through me like a newly cleaned window. I have no creative bone in my body whatsoever, so occasions like this fill me with dread.

For those that have read some of my blog will know that I like to work with themes and whatever we do is based around that theme, be that cooking, crafts, worksheets, reading books, etc, as long as it has an educational edge, I am on it like a car bonnet.

Obviously Halloween is a big theme in the annual calendar and I have searched on-line and found oodles of ideas and I have a Gothic themed tour of a library coming up arranged for them, but I still can not make a decision on what to do.

So I am asking my readers for help.......

How can you help? I hear you ask.

Well you could come to my link up party!.... I found this great idea around sharing blog posts so I thought it would be a great idea to see some of your favourite Halloween themed blog posts, to give me a dose of inspiration, then I can share what we get up to throughout Halloween with the ideas that you guys give us..

So what am I looking for? Anything Halloween.. Children's Book and activity suggestions, recipes, games, craft ideas and so on..

I know a lot of you are amazingly creative and I think you guys will provide me with some amazing inspiration to fill our Halloween with lots of joy.

So here goes

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