Tuesday, 15 September 2015

First Official Year Of Home Ed

Wow, it has been a while since I have updated this blog.

What a year it has been.. I fully intended to record our first year in great detail, but... that has not happened, time has been short and filled with many wonderful things with just no time to share.

Our journey this past year has been packed full of fun and wondrous things, clubs and groups and learning new and exciting things and meeting new people and discovering new places..

On the work front we have concentrated on Maths, History, English, Science and general random subjects that come up as and when.

We have had some fantastic outings and the best for me was the Birmingham Big bang Science Fair, we had so much fun in that place, made all the more fun by the other home ed families we spent the few days with.

They are now regular climbers at the climbing center, to the point I have even done the belay course myself.

And horse riding lessons...

We have had so much fun with all the different groups and regular clubs they now attend, the social aspect is well taken care of.

On the work front they have still been using reading eggs and have moved onto reading simple books such as biff and chip and Hello Kitty and other books alongside the DISTAR which we are working through very randomly.

Maths is now covered by Khan Academy at the moment along side other online free downloads but they are doing well and show lots of interest and retain much of the information so being repetitive is not as much of an issue as it once was. In later blog posts I will share what we get up to if I get round to it.

Science is very random and is often mixed in with History, they ask a lot of questions and we cover what they are enquiring about at this point with no structure but we do have a focus on certain topics, such as the stone age and we tend to cover rocks as it seems to tie in nicely.

Anyway this is sadly not a greatly detailed update as there is just to much to put in one post but I will make more of an effort for myself really to document what we get up to on this educational journey.

I know not many people read this and most people do not even care so this blog is more for me to remember and look back on so I will be making an effort to get myself into a writing mode of thinking.

We do so much and it is difficult to remember everything or even track our progress so more of an effort has to be made on documenting our journey and I thin this blog is the way to do it..

So hopefully I am back although I am making no promises to myself at this point, lol....

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