Sunday, 27 September 2015

Educational Link Find of The Month (September 2015)

  • To Scale: The Solar System

This one that will excite Oliver, anything to do with space he loves, so this will be a good one to watch when we get five minutes. I have seen this mentioned by people a few times and everyone gives it a high recommendation.

  • 25 Maps that explain The English Language

I love this one, I can use this for so many things to include in our English and Geography lessons and a few other subjects can be devised with this too.

  •  The Chronicles of Narnia

This looks like a good find for us, as you can guarantee at some point we will read The Chronicles of Narnia and this little link will come in handy for when we do.

  •  Periodic Table Game

 This is a brilliant way to teach the periodic table whilst having fun. We have a big periodic chart on our wall so they are familiar with it, but playing it this way is a fabulous idea for them to become familiar with it without thinking about it and also having fun at the same time.

  • Mystery Science

Oh my word this has to be my favorite of the month, a science curriculum, which is free for the remainder of this school year. I signed up to this a while ago and had a reminder in my email about finishing the signup, we will be using this daily, it looks great.

  • The Science of Chocolate

A great video giving us some science facts about chocolate

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