Sunday, 13 April 2014

Goodbye to toddlerdom.....CBeebies Live! The Big Band

The twins went to the CBeebies Live! The Big Band show which was a bitter sweet experience.

CBeebies has been a big part of their learning process as babies and now seeing the show marks the end of their toddler years as they are coming up to being five.

It was a wonderful thing to mark the occasion and fabulous timing just before their 5th Birthday coming up in June to mark the end of their toddler and baby years.

I don't know who was more excited though, them or me (probably me), I fulfilled a life long ambition of seeing the ZingZillas Live, I now feel fulfilled if not a bit sad that they have decided they are too old for CBeebies and Zingzillas  and now prefer the Sarah Jane Chronicles on CBBC instead.

 Excited on their way there

What a wonderful time we have had with CBeebies and the fabulous characters over the past few years, the twins have learnt a lot from the wonderful programmes that are shown,  now onto a new era and the next stage of their development!.....

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