Tuesday, 15 April 2014

School Allocation Day!...

It was quite interesting this week watching everyone get their school placements.

All the anticipation and hopefulness of getting that school place they desire, I found it very odd.

Obviously it has always been the plan to home educate so I have no idea how people decided on the way they would chose a place for their child, but in my curiosity I did have a look at the local schools and what they had to offer and to be quite honest I was not very impressed with the findings.

All the talk of Ofstead reports kind of had me wondering what all the fuss was about, when you look into the curriculum they are boring and very dull, no wonder kids are not keen to be there and parents have no interest in what their children are actually learning in school whilst they conduct ther busy day on more interesting past times.

The curriculum seems to be littered with mundane things, to have a look at the curriculum click here where you can download a copy for your perusal (please try to stay awake whilst reading)!..

I wasn't very interested when my elder two started school to be honest it was just a matter of send them to school and see what happens, I had no thoughts about their education really although I thought I did, it was just the done thing to send the kids to school, that's what everyone does, send them to school and see what happens, wait at the other end to see if they get 'good exam results'.

It was never a pleasant time with all the pear pressures that comes with school, the silly regulations and having to find childcare during holidays which to be honest I was pretty lucky with, but boy do I now realise how much I missed out on my kids growing up!...

All those rules and regulations and institutionalised ways are definitely not for us, even the little things like making children wait for the toilet grates on my nerves, I have heard many a child has wet themselves at school for not being able to go to the loo when they need to, do teachers not know that a child should not hold their urine for any long period of time as it can cause Urinary Tract infections.
There is a long list of negatives I can find about school but I can think of no positives apart from free childcare and it's a lot cheaper than home education especially when it comes to paying for exams.

Uniforms, oh those hideous uniforms, please don't get me started on those unattractive uniforms, my glee at knowing we can bob off on holiday or do day trips or go to just about wherever we want at any time of the year gives me a warm glow and makes the uniform horror disappear and I wait in anticipation of all the gleaming kids in their new hideous uniforms at the start of term which they will look back on in 20 years time and know how silly they look!..lol.

Those bells and whistles, oh my word those bells and whistles, called like little animals to be trained, that's another thing that makes my skin crawl, like little factory workers being called back to the factory line.

Trudging through the snow in the winter and on rainy days, oh the joys.

The day of school allocations has come and gone for us and I feel liberated at the thought of knowing we do not have to take part in the circus commonly known as school.

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