Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter fun..

Easter did not quite turn out as planned, I failed to remember that my MOT is due on the car and realised a little too late to book the car in before the Easter weekend, so we are stranded for a few days until Easter is over but not a bad idea really as Louby la a is not to well at the moment.

We had to take a trip over to the out of hours doctors as she gave me a bit of a fright on Thursday evening, after what had been a good day, she came down with a bit of a temperature complaining of a headache and a tummy ache, quite suddenly!.

She was like a floppy little rag doll and would not even take her dress off to put pj's on. I thought maybe a migraine or something so gave her some Nurofen, but to no avail she was still suffering with temperature, tummy ache and the headache an hour later so I called the 111 service and they arranged for a trip to the out of hours go to doc.

In typical child style she was fine within half an hour of waiting in the surgery, it may of had something to do with the fact that Oliver and I where having fun with playing spot the words on the posters in the surgery with Oliver frantically running round excitedly looking for all the letters and words he could recognise, and I was giving him eye spy letters and words to find, we where having great fun. 

Louby La La  was like a little rag doll perched on my knee, her temperature had gone down and she ended up skipping around before we got in to see the doctor, the doctor was pretty thorough even though she had perked up considerably, she still had a little pain in her tummy and the doc checked her throat and we did a pee sample and it turns out she has a water infection.

Another one of those mum knows best moments I thought, she was ill last week with a tummy bug, both Oliver and Louby La La had a dickey tummy that was short lived for 24 hours, mum's always know when there is something more than the bit of a cold or upset tummy. 

We where sent away with some antibiotics and a pee sample to take to the doctors on Tuesday for lab analysis.

She hasn't been herself so its probably a good thing that we are having a quiet weekend.

They have already eaten their Easter Eggs, they have had 6 over the past few weeks due to me buying them and despite my best efforts they have found them and demolished them, the last few I bought I left in the car and I thought foolishly they would be safe, I myself forgot about them but on rescuing them from the car to put out for the Easter hunt, all that was left was the empty wrappers, so all the twins have had this year for Easter is a lecture on steeling!..

Oliver is particularly upset as he really wanted an Easter Egg hunt and had given me specific instructions on the fact I had to put them absolutely everywhere, to be honest I don't know who was more disappointed, me or them.

Oliver and Olivia have difficulty in not steeling things, when they want something they take it regardless of the consequences, I have spoken about this before here, it is still an issue we are trying to break the habit of. 

We actually had quite a successful few weeks with not locking things away with the odd slip up here and there and they have done very well, now they are getting older they are starting to understand the consequences and I can see the effects on my being harsh in my punishments, like with the Easter eggs they now know that because they have stolen the eggs they will now miss out on an Easter Egg hunt. They understand I am serious.

I have been able to leave the fridge and freezer open and cupboards and I have just put the bare minimum in there, mainly fruit and veg.

They have been asking to make their own breakfast cereal and pour milk and take their own fruit out of the fridge which I have allowed them to do if they ask me first,  this has really made them happy and had a positive effect and the steeling has stopped to a degree, the only slip up they had was when I bought ice cream for the freezer, they chose some and I chose some but they stole mine, typical...

I have taken their ice cream off them and told them theirs is now mine, as they stole mine theirs was now going to replace mine. To be honest (yes honestly!!!...) I don't even really eat ice cream it is just for the benefit of the stop steeling project we are undergoing, (honest!!!...) trying to make them see how selfish it is and that steeling has consequences.

It has been a long slog and I can't quite see an end in site just yet but I know it will come, it is two steps forwards and three steps back, although I am discovering that the steeling is more on Olivers part than Louby La La's. However Oliver still likes to blame Louby for most things and I can now see straight through that tactic.

All in all Easter hasn't felt like Easter this year apart from Louby wanting to read the Jesus Easter Stories from her bible (as she calls it) and Oliver insisting on watching some Jesus Easter Stories on you tube, it's been a quiet one, no Easter eggs, no car and a poorly child...

And besides I hate the commercialism of Easter, most people think it's about bunnies and eggs and for most it's about the holiday from work and school, as we are on a permanent holiday so it doesn't really apply to us, it has lost it's appeal over the years for me, I will celebrate Easter in a private way saying my prayers and leave out the commercialism and traditions of the event this year.

Hopefully next year we will manage to actually keep the easter eggs long enough to do an Easter Egg Hunt which is a far better option than just the painted boiled eggs they are having instead this year!...

All was not lost and we did do some Easter activities and my favourite was the Easter Eggshell Planters.

We made some Easter Bread Bunnies.
The recipe and instructions can be found here for these.
Easter Chickens

Easter would not be easter without using the old egg cartons, 
instructions can be found here

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