Wednesday, 23 April 2014

St Georges Day...

St Georges day is on 23rd April, England's National Day.

I wasn't going to do anything with St Georges day this week but strangely enough Oliver asked me who was our first King, so we looked at the British Monarchy website which can be found here and found information on King Offa, this obviously sparked Oliver's interest on Knights and he wanted to know more, so we looked for a video on Offa but came across some info on Offas Dyke which he was very interested in and we also dug out and looked at some old holiday snaps of them near a  castle when they were small. 
Following Olivers questions we ended up watching a documentary on 1066 and kings after that period

I didn't think he would be very interested in the video but he surprised me and watched it from start to finish with lots of questions about the Castles and the Armour the knights wore.

There is an event on at Beeston Castle next weekend so we may head over there as Oliver will have a great time.... we did have a great time and the event can be found here

There is a free course on at the moment with University of Leicester, England in the time of King Richard III, it looks interesting but unfortunately as much as I would like to do this for myself, as it is only a short 6 weeks course, there is no way I would find the time sadly.

This week we will do some work on St George as his interest has surprised me, so some shield making and a few dragons and knight films are definitely in order its a perfect time to introduce the twins to some of England's traditions and customs.
Some great facts about St Georges Day can be found here, the day is not widely celebrated here and to most it is just a normal working day,

I will share some of the great things I have found to do for St George

Learning to draw St George which I found at Activity Village

We found a fabulous interactive castle to find out what each part of the cast was used for.

Not to leave out Shakespeare from the mix as it is also Shakespeare's birthday I have decided to Introduce Shakespeare via Gnomeo and Juliet

We made some lovely Shields and swords made from cardboard.

We also listened to the Story of St George and the Dragon on Story Nory which the kids loved.

and we read a story about St George and the Dragon which I found on the net somewhere
All in all considering we where not going to do much with St George we had a very busy day.

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