Friday, 18 April 2014

How to make your own Perfume

Olivia asked "How do you make Perfume?"

I was so excited when she asked this question being a big perfume lover myself, the question came out of the blue, but we quickly took to Google to have a look at some videos on how perfume is made, the first one we came to was the famous Chanel Perfumers of course, which was informative as it is, but is very basic and only told the start of the story, so we went on a further hunt and came to a web page that gives us the ingredients list of what  goes in perfume, which you can find here, it tells you all sorts of info on what goes in perfume.

So we are currently gathering all our ingredients and will be doing some perfume making when they all arrive. excited muchly...

Oliver does not seem very happy with the idea very much. I have no  idea why?, lol.but he will soon come round when he sees that there is lots of mixing involved as a base for a science lesson this will be fun.

Here is a list of some sites we have found for making your own perfume.

Make Your own Perfume with essential Oils.

5 Ways to make your own Perfume

Make your own perfume for kids.

Science activities for kids, make your own perfume!.

I found this great video on the Chemistry of Perfume, far to advanced for my Louby but I found it interesting.

Slightly a bit off topic but I also found a link to make bath salts which is useful and it also has a few teaching ideas, something to come back to in the future.

I found this great web page with some useful info on essential oils for perfume

Some fabulous perfume recipes that I came across cuts time in finding that perfect aroma..

This is a great site about carrier oils, it has some good advice and recipes.

This one has quite a few recipes to try making. Fusion Perfumery

This is a recipe using bees wax  

This is an explanation of base notes etc but I like this link particularly as it has lots of other useful links at the bottom of the page that you may find interesting.

Here is another one for making a solid perfume using bee wax

As I find more inspiration for our perfume project I will update our findings here and hopefully have some photos to put on.

My list of ingredients to buy is growing by the second.

Our perfume making adventure can be found here

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