Friday, 23 May 2014

Book of the week - Jacob O'Reily wants a pet

A lovely little book about a boy who wants a pet and his parents suggested he did pet sitting. After a rather fraught experience pet sitting, he ends up adopting a snail as a pet.

This brought back fond memories for me of when they first experienced a snail in the garden, and Oliver went running round the garden screaming in fear which was not funny for him, but to watch it and experience that moment of first encounter is a comical memory.

The kids loved this book and so did I because of my fond memories so we have done a few activities surrounding snails. 

We have created a snail hotel and they have adopted some snails of their own.
I have read up a bit myself on snails and had some great inspiration for asking the twins some specific questions about snails and I used this fabulous website called Kiddyhouse for my resources which includes a few worksheets to give them some extra reading, writing and spelling practice with and a few games, colouring and painting activities and of course singing where they learnt a new song and read a poem.

Oliver particularly enjoyed this weeks book of the week activities, and Louby has requested horses for next time, I don't think she was so keen...

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