Friday, 23 May 2014

How long does it take for cheese to go solid in the freezer?

The kids made me laugh with this one and I was a bit miffed I couldn't have my cheese on toast for lunch, but give them their due they where thinking outside the box.

They had asked, so with quick thinking I helped them find the answer and added some variables in for them, below is how they found their answer.

They first grated cheese into a bowl and placed it in the freezer 

 Then they filled the ice cube try with water and some of the sections they put some salt

  We then noted down the time!....
                                                      I asked them a series of question.
                              How long do you think it will take to freeze?
                              Do you think the cheese will freeze faster than the water? 
                              Do you think the salt will affect how the water freezes!. 

We then waited to get our answers...

Whilst we were waiting with great patience, they then decided to put some items in some water and see what happens to the item. 

We took a look a few hours later we looked and the cheese was frozen, we also took the ice trays and pots out of the freezer, but the kids observed there was still water in the bottom and bubbles moved around the pots, so they put the large pots back in the freezer.

The ice cube trays where ready, 
They noticed without asking that the sections with the salt the ice had disappeared. 

They answered their question of which would freeze first the water or the cheese
Answer being Cheese.

And the additional question of
why have the large pots taken longer to freeze than the small ice cube trays?

They answered with, 
The small compartments in the ice trays where smaller than the big pots 
so did not take as long to ice up,  as there was not as much water in them as the big pots.

 We also did the ice cube glue test which you can find here

Oliver had a brainwave whilst the pots where back in the freezer and we were waiting for them to come back out and he questioned how will they get the toys out of the ice?


I just asked them to think about it and what would make the ice melt, they both shouted hot water and decided to put the toys in the hot water when they had finished eagerly waiting for them to finally come out of the freezer, properly frozen.....

finally they came out.

 They then put the pots under hot water to retrieve the toys...

Whilst we where doing this, we where noting down the times and when they had finished they where attempting to work out how long it had taken, for this we used multi links to make our own clock and drew on the numbers.

 And we worked out how many hours it had taken us to freeze the water.

That was a lot of fun today and guess what the film of the evening is going to be.. ..

Yes of course the Fabulous Frozen...

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