Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Darn TMA's

My course has been going really well but having to spend a lot of time trying to find new suppliers since I ditched the maternity pillows from my inventory, time has been of the essence.

Last time the TMA' where due in I had to get an extension on my submission date but fortunately I
had to only take a day or two, this time I have had to take a week for each one, which is disappointing especially as the weather is glorious for once and I am stuck inside not being able to join the kids in some garden fun, and the kids have voiced their disappointment to me, which makes me feel all the worse.

I am enjoying these courses more than I thought I would but I am not enjoying the substantial work you have to complete doing two 60 point courses at once.

I have learnt a lot about my weaknesses whilst doing TMA's this time round and I can safely say I need to improve dramatically on my essay construction.

I have tended to jump right in and start selecting material and then putting the essay together whereby really I should do a plan, which I keep cutting out, as I think I don't have time but the reality is if I did do a plan I could select the correct material for the essay with much more ease instead of writing and then re writing and then rewriting again which would get the essay done in a quarter of the time I waste.

I am finding the old saying of fail to plan, you plan to fail a very true saying right now. 

I know that I will have to pull my socks up and start to prioritise things a little better than I do now, the one thing I have always been good at is balancing everything that I have to do, but right now I seem to have lost the plot and I quickly need to find it again.

I have an exam in September, my first exam for many many years so I cannot cut corners like I am doing, at some point I have to go over the materials instead of skimming the materials for what I need in the essays.

My tutors are great and give good feedback on each TMA and are very accessible if needed, I just have to get my queries in order and clarify my difficult points so that I can get some guidance.

All in all, hopefully I can get these two essays done before the end of my extension date, right now it is looking unlikely but I am trying!!!!!!....

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