Friday, 16 May 2014

Embarking on Geology....

Well that took me by surprise, we have now embarked on Geology. 

Oliver posed the question of what is inside the earth, I was a bit taken back as I know nothing on Geology so I gave him a basic answer of 'lets find out'.. off we took to Google....

Wow such an interesting topic, I feel I have been missing out!...

So far I found a great site to explain it in my language, which you can find here but not so much Oliver's language, I understand the basics now so I can go on and answer some more of his questions as I am sure his little mind is ticking over and thinking of the next question, but a definite volcano project is going to be under way pretty soon .

I like the fact that there is so much not answered or explained in Geology and there are a lot of theories, it will be something that Oliver and Olivia will think about and question quite often, giving them an understanding that not everything has an answer hopefully leading them to explore some more for themselves.

I think we will enjoy this topic over the coming years as I am sure we will revisit this topic often.

So far we have found some good sites to explore further, this one is my favourite so far OneGeology-Extra Oliver really liked this site as it is in a language he can understand, although I had to do a lot of the reading as he is not confident to read anything that is not basic just yet, so hopefully sites like this will encourage his reading as he is doing very well so far with recognising and spelling basic words. a lot of things on this site lead onto him asking further questions,we spent a good few hours discovering new things in Geology.

I also found a group you can join called rock watch which sounds interesting with magazine subscription and lots of events taking place you can attend in museums and field trips, it may be something I look at joining in with for them, and the subscription is very reasonable at only £15 per year for a family. Oliver particularly likes rocks he is always bringing a rock or two home wherever we go, we have quite a collection now so why not let him build it and learn more about them.

A video I found that Oliver watched was pretty useful for basic facts called The earth inside Out, a bit slow but understandable for him.

 Another one which we watched called plate tectonics which you can see here.

So now we have to plan for some volcano experiments and some rock collecting and earth model projects to fill our time with Geology, which will be shared in due course.

If you have any geology project and craft ideas I would love to hear them, or if you know of any good sites for kids that would be a massive help just leave me a comment.

We found a great bunch of Bill Nye the science guy videos on geology, Oliver was glued to them, Volcanoes which you can find below and a bunch of other videos on Geology, the Earths crust, dinosaurs, archaeology, there are all sorts of videos.

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