Saturday, 24 May 2014

Perspectives, recovery from the wobble!..

The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 put home education on the agenda on Friday mornings show. 

I was fully expecting the usual bashing that goes with that on these programmes but I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction and positivity around it. 

Their facebook thread which you can find here, was equally as positive, full of positive stories...

My wobble from the other day has now disappeared and I have fully found my confidence again, just too much going on but my essays are in, and I took a day off yesterday to do nothing, no housework, no study, no work, just a wander round town to collect Louby's new Glasses and a trip to a cafe, yes I even had tea out instead of cooking and having to wash up..and a wander round a few shops, window shopping..

I now feel fully recovered from my wobble and have my positive hat back on.

Things are never as bad as they seem when you sit back and take a look at things and see them for what they are and along with the Wright show and my day off to do nothing, things seem good again!..

I need to take more breaks than I do and sleep more.... my output is far better when I have slept more, I achieve more study, housework seems to just get done easily, work gets completed and the kids get to places on time.

Sleep is my medicine and I have to force myself to take it!...

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