Thursday, 12 November 2015

Books For FREE...

We love books and as you can see from our book of the week list which you can find here > Book of the week list <  One thing we do as home educators is read  lot of books...

The library is great and almost always our first choice when it comes to books but as I have found out they do not always have what you need or even fancy.

Charity shops are another place we spend a lot of time in and we usually always end up with some great books at very low cost, which is great but it isn't free, and free or very low cost is an important thing to us.

eBay is the main place I buy childrens books from, I find it far cheaper than Amazon every time and I can usually get some amazing bargains.

As home educators even though we save the government approximately £3600 per annum per child (depending on your local authority area) or in my case £7000 + per annum, we do not receive any funding for books or equipment or anything else and that includes exam fees, we receive no funding whatsoever and fund everything to do with our children's education ourselves. (You can find some of the funding figures for schools here)

I came across a place that provides books for FREE, yes FREE books for you to take away.

There is a small catch as obviously there will be with anything that is FREE but it is only a small one and that is you can only take 3 books, which in my opinion is fantastic idea for many reasons.

The great thing is you can always donate your used books to make this a reciprocal thing and for me that is an important aspect of the whole books for free idea.

My business Maine Trading (take a peek at my website  here or click on my Maine Trading logo ) based on an idea of recycling, I collect unwanted items from people and the money from the sales of these items go back to the person they come from and I take a small fee for my efforts of selling those items, or I buy the items at a low cost and re-sell them, which then helps me pay for the things my twins need for their education. On top of this I also support charities by taking donations of unwanted items and handing all the proceeds over to a charity of the donators choice or my own choice.

The whole concept based on reducing waste, one man's rubbish is another man's treasure.

But I digress back to Books For Free, the scheme runs nationally with many book points dotted around the country, you will be able to find a local book point on their interactive map hopefully there will be one near to you, for me the nearest one is Preston, it is a bit of a trek for us but it would be worth it if we timed a visit with something else we where doing in that area at the same time.

You never know they may expand if there is enough interest and we may get one closer, but what a fabulous idea Books For FREE. 

You can take a look at their site here or click on the image below and hopefully you will have one local to you.

***UPDATE*** Since writing this post someone has brought my attention to another great idea, Read it swap it, a website where people swap books, take a look here or click on the icon below.

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