Saturday, 14 November 2015

Nitty Nora the bug explorer - Diatomaceous Earth...

I have found a great use for my diatomaceous earth I purchased in September (see previous post here)

  1. Fit a t-shirt over the child's hair, so that the collar seals around their scalp.
  2. Apply diatomaceous earth to their hair. (I minimize dust by carefully applying the diatomaceous earth inside the "t-shirt bag").
  3. Close the "bag" and massage in the diatomaceous earth into their hair and scalp.
  4. Leave the diatomaceous earth on overnight. (The lice turn white with diatomaceous earth and become more visible).
  5. Shampoo it out the next day. (Use tea-tree shampoo for maximum effect).
  6. Use vinegar to comb lice eggs out of the hair.
  7. Repeat this treatment once a week for 3 weeks to be safe. (This is to make sure all the remaining eggs hatch (takes ~ 1 week) and the new lice are killed.

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