Friday, 6 November 2015

Educational Link Find Of The Month (November 2015)

Woops I completely did not update a link find of the month in October, so I am just skipping to November and if I remember any from October I will just include them here.

  • How to Use a Dictionary

This is great link on how to use a dictionary, the twins have just discovered the dictionary so this will help me to teach them how to use it effectively, I can also attempt to devise some focused English lessons from this. I will attempt to get the twins attention with this but I think it won't take long for them to glaze over whilst watching, so this is more of a good guide for me.

  • Young Writers - Free resources for 5 to 18 year olds.

This looks great, although we have not explored it yet.

  • Euro Club Schools

This covers French, Italian and Spanish, giving some useful worksheets to print off.

  • Local Histories Org - great history resource

A good link to build on our 1600's theme, we can adapt a lot of things from this

  • Active Hisory

A brilliant resource for History

  • .Mathematics Shed

I love the idea of this website, using stories for maths was my first reason for visiting this site, but I think so much more can be taken from it, I have not yet had a good rummage round but it looks like there is an awful lot to rummage through

  • The Geffrey Museum of the home

I love love love this link, one of our thematic topics we are following is how people's lives have changed over the years, particularly looking at how peoples homes have changed so this website gives us an invaluable insight we can use for our project.

  • British Museum

Introduction of Pendulum clock in 1657

  • Splash (Australian curriculum)
Educational Games (Australian Curriculum)

I fell across this site whilst looking for a fractions resource to show the twins in a visual way how fractions work, this site has loads of great games.

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