Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Time for a rest for the twins.... Hell for me...

Well we have done a lot of project based stuff over the past few months so it is now time for a rest for the twins to chill and work at their own pace without projects.

After the science club tomorrow they will be able to choose what they do, well when I say choose they will have a limited choice of Khan Academy, Reading eggs or some of their Maths or English workbooks and of course plenty of fiction and fact books to read and learn from. So when I say rest they still have plenty to focus on but without me having to think too much and direct them.

They both enjoy all of the above with little instruction which paves the way for some much needed catch up on my own work. (Louby La La particularly likes maths and loves creating her own Maths challenges, odd child)

We are entering busy season on ebay (feel free to check out my ebay store  out if you wish) and of course January is the Tax deadline so the next few months for me are busy, busy, busy, stressful, stressful, stressful.

So tomorrow we have science club in the morning and a houseclean in the afternoon and then Thursday it is riding, so an easy morning of just ebay postage and then the afternoon at Daisy Nook.

So I doubt there will be any updates here for a while, unless I find time to have a good moan about ebay, so Friday let the madness begin....

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