Monday, 11 January 2016

Calendar Project.

Well the Calendar Project is going really well, better than I thought it would to be honest.

Oliver googled the history of Calendars and found out that it was Babylon where the Calendars started and as he noticed that Mesopotamia was mentioned, he looked into it more carefully, as he had covered a topic on Mesopotamian last year when we covered the nomads and Egypt, so he spent most of the afternoon discovering the story of the Babylonians, he watched the story of the Tower of Babel and discovered more about Babylon, he has plans now to make a sun dial or (shadow clock).

He also had questions about the moon phases so we looked at some more videos on the moon phases, watching the moon go round the earth on various videos.

The topic of star signs came up and this was his very first introduction to star signs and Astrology, we discussed our own star signs and he found it funny that he is Gemini and also a twin and the sign for Gemini is also twins....  He found it quite amusing but I am yet to discover why. he also has his sights set on the Gods that where worshipped in Babylon, Gods is very much his thing....

Olivia has not shown very much interest today, she has her own mission on at the moment, not sure where it comes from but she has decided that she wants to blow bubbles, yes bubbles... 

She has a few pots which she has put washing up liquid in and a tiny amount of water, her mission is to blow bubbles with the solution using a straw. Her quest does not stop there, she has decided on her own hypothesis and has made a series of assumptions on what she thinks will happen if she does the experiment with different types of water, i.e cold, hot, lots, less, and in addition what would happen if she used more liquid and then used a different liquid like hand soap, shampoo. She has quite happily been trying out different experiments all day. I have tried to get her to write some of her hypothesis down on paper and give herself something to see and compare but she is not interested in any writing for this experiment, just verbal info is enough for now.

It is becoming more of a regular thing where they both want to be doing their own thing, Oliver is mad keen on anything history, there is no stopping him and Olivia has very little interest in history at all, I have been waiting for her to show her hand and do what interests her more instead of having to go with what Oliver wants, and today was that day, it felt very good actually, I felt she had increased in confidence enough to express herself with conviction and it is very much a huge leap forwards for her, all done with a very big smile on her face too.

I think with twins, especially these two, can depend on each other so much, they have been like an extension of each other for so long, I feel hopefully they are now becoming more of their own people instead of  joined at the hip.

Lets see where this milestone takes us....

I thought I would also share this great Multiplication tip from Supercharged Science that I had emailed to my inbox today, the twins have done multiplication and can do 2's up to 20 and their 10's to 100, their 5's to 20 but they have learnt that by rote, I found this email hit my inbox and I think it is a great tool I will take a closer look at to help the twins with their multiplications some time in the future. Click on the picture to learn more and get to grips with multiplication.


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