Thursday, 7 January 2016

New Year Projects...

It was a particularly busy December with my work, which in hindsight I really should have shut down and not done any, the results of the profit and loss for the period tells me I really should listen to my instincts more often. 

It was disastrous in more ways than one with ebay, mainly their returns policies causing a huge financial loss for the December period, it really is a dead duck ebay and I have to start to wind things down and cut my losses and move on, it only caused me to get behind with my clients for my accountancy side of work, a month late on reminders for my existing clients Tax returns due in January which I normally start on in December.

So lots of projects will be underway for both myself workwise and also with the twins too.

We have kicked off this January with two projects firstly we are working on Kingdom of Fungus, this is a fab project that Oliver has been working on himself for a few weeks now under his own steam and guidance, he has worked on a lot of observations and his scientific skills in hypothesis.

He is using his skills that he has learnt about research and he has googled and found out lots of information himself and I am now going to help him put this all together in a legible format to present it as a project.

Our second project is regarding Calendars, how calendars where created, what they are for, how they are used, the different types of calendars, this will be a longer term project as it looks at different cultures, astronomy, history, religion, so this is an ongoing thing, we are using this project to work on our computer skills and English skills, this will be their first project that they do absolutely everything themselves on the computer.

They have decided they want this to be presented in a book format, and have learnt about the front covers of books and the information they contain and why, and the introduction and the contents page.

So far there has been lots of brain storming and discussions about how they want the first page to look and how they format this, I let them loose and this is what they have achieved today.

I got an excited glow watching them spelling things out and discussing what they where doing and discovering new things on the computer program to design their page (they are using word for this) It is such a great project as they will be doing so many cross curricular things, the hardest part for me is coordinating this effort, keeping them on track and allowing them to make lists of things they start to question so that we can keep on track and come back later to their query.

This is a great example of expanding and building on work we have previously done, such as seasons and the Nomads, the Chinese new year and the solar system sun and moon phases, all those and others are being brought into play which gives them an excellent ongoing enthusiasm as they are familiar with the contents involved in Calendars. 

So a huge project that they even had the grand idea of creating a video at the end as they could not find a video that explains calendars in a way they could understand from one video, we had to flit between a few videos and will have to do a lot of research of different sources to get the result that we want on our finished project, where as normally they can find things from one source, this time it is different.

So hopefully originality will also come into this project, thinking for themselves and not relying on what they find to put things together and coming up with their own original work that they could share with others, so a very exciting project if I can do my job right and keep the momentum and excitement going on this one, which I will find hard, I know as I have so many other things with work that are imperative to sort out.

But thankfully we have no time frames for this work so we can dawdle on as long as they want to with it... Hoorah for home ed...

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