Monday, 18 January 2016

Maths Game Using Dominoes

We will be doing some more focus on basic maths this week in the form of games.

We started off with some dominoes and played the traditional Dominoes game to start with as I know these two love the game, we then made our own revisions to the game incorporating addition and place values.

I am sure you are familiar with the Dominoe game rules but to refresh your memory each player chooses 6 tiles, the one with the double 6 goes first, if no-one has a double six then the one with double 5 goes first (and so on). You have to match your tile with the one that is down on either end. If you do not have a tile to put on either end you have to knock which means the next person takes their go, the one with the least tiles left wins.

Our revisions included, on each person's go they have to add both sides of the domino and come up with the answer, which is then added to their points, so for example with the double 6 tile it would be 6+6 = 12 then with the 66 they have to say the answer of sixty six, if they do then they get to keep their points, if not they get passed to the next person, if the next person can guess correctly they get to steal those 12 points, in addition the person can win bonus points by correctly guessing the three digit number of 612 in this example, if they do guess correctly they get their stolen or earned points doubled.

We added some twists and turns and added in if the person could guess the extended sum of for example  6612 then they get their points doubled.

Then at the end of the game after you have determined how many rounds you will play they can add all the final numbers up to determine who is the winner with the largest number.

You could mix this up and work with multiplication or subtraction or division, the principles would remain the same.

Great game... we played it for hours today.

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