Thursday, 21 January 2016

Encouraging the twins to write

The twins have always been reluctant writers and I have tried different methods to encourage them to pick up a pen, all have had varying degrees of success.

When we play games the twins are always keen to be the score keeper, they have writing books on tap that they do often walk round with doodling pictures in and olivia is a keen on practising her numbers and letters and often writes names and random words on bits of paper and my walls.. yes .. my walls. gggrrrrr...

So when I say they are reluctant writers they are, but not reluctant to pick up a pen and 'doodle' so my efforts have not been wasted, they have good pen control and can put ideas on paper.

They do understand the concept that you can put your minds thoughts onto papar and you can see inside the mind.

Oliver has a fantastic imagination, the has an imaginary persona where he is a warewolf, this has been going on for quite some time and at the tea table we recently had a conversation where I was actually worried that he may be loosing the plot and had blurred lines of reality and fiction.

This was a misconception for me, what he was doign was telling me a story about his alter ego The Warewolf Boy, this warewolf boy had two mothers, the biological mother who was also a warewolf, was dead because he had killed her because she had tried to poison him after he had gone out hunting on his own,  she was afraid that he might hurt or even kill someone, the step mother who he liked, she was nice, but not a warewolf herself.

Although he liked her he trusted no-one and was afraid every time he had food and always had to smell his food  first to check it was not poisoned, which was something he did regularly anyway because he was a werewolf and smelling things was just something he did naturally.

This story Oliver had created has been manifesting for some time, with some days acting out this Warewolf boy driving Olivia, Karis and I quite nuts throughout the day, on this occasion I was playing with him asking him questions about this Warewolf boy and trying to trip him up, a bit mean of me really but it actually did serve a purpose of me seeing how deep this Warewolf boy goes with Oliver and what came out could convince anyone, it certainly convinced me, how he told it had us all sucked into this imaginary Werewolf Boy World.

He answered every question with an intelligent answer that was plausible for the world he had created.

So now we have another project on our hands of expanding this Warewolf Boy and bringing him to life on paper, Oliver was very excited when I said lets write about Warewolf Boy and put his adventures down on paper. I asked him if he had any ideas about what Warewolf boy looked like and he said 'I have millions of pictures in my head'.

 We talked about different kinds of books, picture books, biographies, historical fiction, etc, how many pages a book has, was one of his questions, how are the hard backs on books made? so we talked about publishers and illustrators, Olivia has volunteered herself to be an illustrator, she quite likes the idea of drawing flowers for the book.

So now they are eagerly working on a plan for his Werewolf Boy book, searching for tips and tricks of writing a story.

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